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Here's how to clean it up with a cardiologist's diet, 10 kg less

Here’s how to clean it up with a cardiologist’s diet, 10 kg less

Arteries: here’s how to clean them with the cardiologist’s diet that is also exceptional for losing weight, 10 kg less!

Cardiologists’ diet It was designed by a group of experts to meet all the people who find themselves having to fight cancer, diabetes and various cardiovascular problems. The main goal of the research team is to allow people who are overweight to lose up to 10 kg.

The diet is, in fact, highly effective and designed not to speed up the weight loss process, really! (Pixabay)

It is very balanced and does not eliminate some essential nutrients at all, But it only reduces the daily calories that must be eaten. Let’s be more specific and see what all the cardiologists have identified. Below you will learn the basic scheme of foods for a healthy diet, from breakfast and lunch to snack and dinner. Obviously, to get results, try to maintain this diet for a long period of time.

Arteries: Cardiologists’ diet is perfect for cleaning them out and losing weight

First of all, we give you some tips. Nutrition alone is not enough! Eating healthy food, preferably adding a little salt to the various prepared dishes, is the first step to maintaining a healthy body and losing some extra weight. Compared to food, fried cooking is better to avoid!

Try as much as possible to exercise as well. drink a lot of water. Alcoholic, carbonated and sugary drinks rich in preservatives should be eliminated.

Arteries and diet for cardiologists
Here is the diet chart to follow (Pixabay)
  • breakfast: Prefer fruit. It is best to avoid bananas and grapes. Choose peaches, melons, pears, oranges or melons.
  • lunch: 1) 60 grams of whole pasta + 200 grams of vegetables. 2) 200 grams of grilled meat / fish + 200 grams of vegetables.
  • Snack: You can follow the breakfast advice or opt for dried fruit. Walnut is wonderful.
  • Dinner: 150 grams of boiled meat / fish + salad (lettuce, 2 tomatoes, 2 eggs, corn and half a cucumber).
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NB: This article is for informational purposes only and the information in it does not replace the opinion or diagnosis of a physician or expert in this field. We remind you that before you go on a diet, especially if you have any health problems, it is better to consult a dietitian.