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Here's how the United States emphasizes vaccine duty in companies

Here’s how the United States emphasizes vaccine duty in companies

An increasing number of American companies require their employees to be vaccinated. After Facebook and Google came the system of CNN, United Airlines, Netflix and Disney. The Pvt management is considering withdrawing federal funds from organizations that do not force workers to be vaccinated against Govt-19: “This is an unvaccinated epidemic.”

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Vaccine duty and green pass are not only spoken in Italy. There are many countries that introduce limits for those who do not have a green certificate confirming completion Vaccine cycle. Of these, in particular United States President there Joe Biden Has been thinking about a series of measures to encourage companies to move in this direction. Moreover, many of the biggest ones in the private sector are already organizing.

Companies that have already imposed the vaccine obligation

Then Google e Facebook The Govt should vaccinate their employees as a requirement to return to their respective campuses in September United Airlines It was announced today that by the end of October, perhaps sooner, a total of more than 80,000 people will be vaccinated. “We know some of you will disagree,” CEO Scott Kirby and Chairman Brett Hart told staff. But they say, “The facts are clear: everyone is safe when they are vaccinated.” United was the first major airline in the country to take this step. A similar decision was made in the field of further information: yesterday’s news accordingly Cnn Three employees who came to unvaccinated offices in violation of company rules were fired. “I will be clear: in this policy we follow zero tolerance,” CEO Jeff Zucker wrote. There are also other companies that have imposed the vaccine duty Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Disney, Netflix, Tyson Foods e Walmart.

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There is no federal funding for those who do not need the vaccine

Biden management is also considering withdrawing it Federal Finance Companies that do not force their employees to be vaccinated against Govt-19. It was reported Washington Post, Citing its own anonymous sources. The measure can be applied to a wide variety of companies, from nursing homes to universities to cruise ships. According to sources, the discussion on the hypothesis is in its infancy and no decision has been made yet.

Vaccines are available in the United States at any time

At this time, according to the white population, 50% of the American population was fully vaccinated, after 70% of Americans reached the target a month before a dose. However, this is not yet a sufficient percentage to prevent the spread Delta variation, It first brings some states to their knees Florida. That’s why the White House tenant insists on the acceleration of vaccinations: “We have to move on, it’s easy: please, Vaccine. It’s safe, it works, it saves lives, maybe it saves you too. Like I said, it’s an epidemic of unvaccinated people – Biden said. We can do it, we must be sure. “Then he reiterated:” America can defeat the Delta type. Then wear it Masks Vaccinate today at the recommended location, all of which will save lives and avoid the same economic damage we saw when the epidemic began.

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