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Here’s how it will change with Metaverse, cryptocurrency, and NFT

Metaverse, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs are ready for it Revolutionizing tradewhile personalized shopping experiences and incentives, such as free shipping and discounts, are Key factors for purchases. This is revealed by BigCommerce, the leading Open SaaS e-commerce platform for B2C and B2B brands, which published Global Consumer Report: Current and future shopping trends, a consumer survey designed to provide merchants in the US, UK, Australia, Italy and France insight into current and emerging trends affecting how consumers shop for brands. (Check out all the factors that will change online commerce.)

The most famous fashion and clothes

Consumers shop online at least once a week, fashion and clothing come first. The report revealed that many consumers do this Shop online several times a week55% of respondents said they shop online at least once a week, if not more. Of course this number should come as no surprise when you think about what people do You shop on Google over a billion times a day. For purchase incentives, the preferred is mostly free shipping. For products that consumers buy online, the report shows how fashion and Clothes are by far the most common categories (80%), with electronics In second place (56%) e entertainment for the third (55%).

Like “Buy Now, Pay Later”

Client They use BNPL more and more when available. When customers are asked what payment methods they use for online purchases, 16% They said they use BNPL and most of those who have used it are in the US, UK and Australia. In Italy, it is used by 5%. The main reason for choosing BNPL is to help consumers stay within their budget. In fact, among those who use BNPL, 34% are more likely to complete a purchase if BNPL is an option, while 49% will find it more appropriate to complete a purchase if BNPL is an option. In detail, among those using BNPL in Italy, 32% would be more likely to complete a purchase if BNPL was an option, while 41% would find it more appropriate to complete a purchase if BNPL was an option.

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Personal shopping experiences

digging deeper in Reasons From buyers, the survey tried to see how it works Personalization Affect the purchase decision and the information consumers are willing to share for a personalized shopping experience. In Italy38% of respondents are willing to share their data Depending on the information requested, while 29% say it depends on the brand and 23% are not willing to do it in general.
Among those willing to share personal information in exchange for a personalized shopping experience, Italian and French consumers are the most likely. Conversely, shoppers in the US, UK and Australia are more careful about which brand they share information with.
rated consumers Honesty and transparency are the most important values, closely followed by fair wages and employee benefits. However, it is an interest that mainly includes American, British and Australian consumers and is quieter among French and Italian consumers.

future trends

Metaverse, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs are poised to revolutionize commerce. As for the Metaverse purchases, consumers are evenly split between italic (46%) and non-italic (52%). However, a small percentage (2%) have already made purchases in the Metaverse. Australian consumers (52%) are the most willing to shop on the Metaverse, while French consumers are the least willing (35%).
Unlike the Metaverse, most consumers claim Not having good knowledge of NFTs, with 26% saying they don’t even know what they are. This number remains relatively constant in each country.
Regarding the payment methods used for online purchases, 5% of consumers said they do Use of cryptocurrency, mostly in the United States and Italy. And while most people do not use cryptocurrency yet, 66% of those who use it prefer it as a payment method.

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