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"Here they kill you."  Patient's fax was not left outside the hospital, died of covid

“Here they kill you.” Patient’s fax was not left outside the hospital, died of covid

Antonio Moredo, a non-vaccination activist, entered the ward of Letterkenny University Hospital on September 14 and persuaded an acquaintance who had been hospitalized, because he was ill with Covid, to leave the A few days later the patient died.

As I mentioned before Courier service, Mureddu, better known as “Gravegliu”, originally from Sardinia but having moved to Ireland, went to the hospital ward with the apparent intention of bringing 67-year-old Joe McCarron, a public figure in County Donegal, a hospital acquaintance in hospital due to a acute respiratory crisis because of the virus. The Sheikh listened to the activist and decided to dismiss him from the service. But he died a few days after his resignation. Ireland was shaken by what happened and an investigation file was opened against the Italian.

In the hospital to persuade the patient to leave

The anti-vaccination activist while visiting the hospital department recorded a video to explain what was happening. In the pictures, we see Moredo next to a hospital bed giving directions to his acquaintances on how to get out of the facility and reassuring that if he follows him, no one will stop him. in a Movie He hears the man say in English: “Put your pants on, let’s go home and you’re safe.”. Again, addressing the nurse: “Are his things there? Can you take?” Someone, perhaps a doctor, is trying to persuade the activist to rethink what he’s doing by warning that he’s putting the 67-year-old’s life in danger. Then the same voice is directed to the patient who decides to leave the hospital: “You have the right to do whatever you want. But I don’t think anything he says to her is true. She is having trouble breathing and we want her to stay and help her.”

No Fax Activist: “If You Stay, He’ll Kill You”

But Mureddu again intervenes at these words, reminding his friend that it was only his choice and frightening him:“If you stay they will kill you. These people will not help you. I have my reasons.” At that moment he explains why he is in the hospital ward, or to prevent doctors, according to his idea, from killing people. Then the doctor decides to turn to the patient to explain that he is very dangerous and that he is risking his life because of a disease that is difficult to treat. “But his best chance is here in the hospital, with oxygen and Medicine We can give it to you The doctor adds.

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The activist continues to intervene in the speech, emphasizing: “It is better to die at home than to die here. He will die with us.” In the end, the activist succeeds in achieving his goal and the Covid patient is discharged from the hospital next to him, against the will of the doctors who were treating him. According to the Irish Times, the next day McCarron was hospitalized again: in vain, the man was in the following days Died. Now the Irish police have opened an investigation.