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Here it is our health enemy number 1 to absolutely fight to avoid premature aging


Who are the main enemies of our health today? This entire article probably won’t be enough to list them all. From smog to pollution, from pesticides to food warnings, from epidemics to epidemics, who knows how long we can go on. It seems impossible, but some calamities are added every year. But, if we look at our daily lives, here’s the number one enemy to our health that we must combat absolutely to avoid premature aging: oxidative stress. Those famous free radicals that undermine our well-being and risk deteriorating our lives mentally and physically.

What are the effects of free radicals on our bodies

Therefore, we repeat, oxidative stress, the excess production of free radicals, carries several risks:

  • Cardiovascular disease.
  • Skin aging;
  • Slowing and loss of brain function.
  • Neurological diseases.

Here it is our health enemy number 1 to absolutely fight to avoid premature aging and, as some say, to become ugly. In fact, oxidative stress is making our skin look older than it is now.

Let’s pay close attention to this trio of causes

Some of our readers may now be bored with our habit of remembering how beneficial fruits, vegetables, water, and physical activity and exercise can be for our health. However, in its simplicity, these are the main defenses of our body to counteract the deadly action of oxidative stress. On the other hand, in an equally accurate and simple way, it takes advantage of our three weaknesses:

  • A poor lifestyle that is stable and is dependent on a wrong diet;
  • A lot of pressure;
  • Excessive exposure to Sun rays.
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What happens to our cells

Finally, to explain what happens to our cells when we talk about oxidative stress, we must refer to the scarce food that they receive from our habits. The prematurely aging cell, due to our faulty lifestyle, drags with it all others and our entire body. Starting with the hair that is one of the first to weaken, weaken and fall out. On the other hand, when we get into the body an equally famous antioxidant, we neutralize the destructive power of free radicals. Those who find other barriers to fitness, to quit smoking and heavy alcohol use.


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