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Here is the student metro


For Naples, 2024 risks becoming a breakthrough year on the Neapolitan transport front. Less than a month later, the project will finally open, 34 years after its inception Metro Line 6 In its complete course, from the Furigrotta to the Piazza Municipio; And then, this is the real news, it’s a method Line 7The “Student Tunnel” will eventually see trains coming in Monte Sant’Angelo University Campus.

It is true that construction sites and station openings are progressing at some fronts with a rapid slowdown and constant postponements, but it is true that things are changing on the transport front and the effects on livelihoods will start showing soon.

Path from I was shocked The university is practically complete, with only the last bureaucratic details missing to begin the first trips that will take students to the university campus. Frederick II. There has been no official announcement regarding the opening, and in fact it could be planned for the summer; But from Eve, responsible for the construction and management of the line, explained that it would be better to take a longer gauge, promising that the trains would be operational “just in time for the next academic year”, i.e. by September. Obviously, this is only the first, short stretch of this new line, but even in this case the significance of the opening goes beyond the number of kilometers the trains will cover in this early phase of the process.

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The line 7 scheme has ancient roots: the so-called creationsMonte Sant’Angelo Link Road” which started in 2008 and was stopped in 2011 after a long dispute between the region and the company. Work resumed only in 2016, and immediately, the work of art Anish Kapoor It represents the symbol of this line. The colossal installation is, practically, the entrance to the Monte Sant’Angelo station; A British artist of Iraqi descent called it “mouth” In fact, although it was intended to be a representation of the female genitalia, a detail which has provoked some controversy in the past, has been completely forgotten today. An immense “mouth” was installed shortly after work resumed in 2017, indicating a desire to speed up the work. A twin installation, of more modest dimensions, was also deployed at the exit in December 2022. District of Triano Same station.

The stop is ready, the rails are in place, all that is missing is the ministerial approval which should come soon. 104 million to cover the 2.2 km stretch of this stretch. However, the “Bus Link” project is more comprehensive.

The route was developed to connect the station I was shocked from circuit with station Edenlandia from Kumana. Trains arrive after Monte Sant’Angelo San Paulo Park If the construction of the station requires lengthy negotiations with residents, there will be stops Via TerracinaA Mediterranean Sports Avenue and, finally, at Edenlandia station, exchange with Kumana. The basic idea is to connect the links between the two existing EAV lines, specifically to allow students to reach the university campus by rail from any part of the city and province. Currently, there is no precise timetable for the completion of all the works, but this first step is enough to celebrate the beginning of a good path for Neapolitan transport.

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On top of that Line 6However, there should be no further postponements, as the maximum time allowed by Europe to justify using the funds received so far to build infrastructure expires at the end of this month. In fact there is no doubt about the inauguration: the stations have been completed for some time, as has the technical infrastructure, which has been tested several times in the traffic of trains in recent weeks.

The only problem is the train on Route 6. They will be used Old trams bought in 1990 and modified in tunnel form. The brand new trains that have already been ordered cannot be used because there is no depot capable of holding them: that depot is currently in the planning stages and will take years to build. The slot, which is currently the only viable route, cannot be used to allow new trains to come onto the tracks. This is an opening in the roof of the Piazzale Tecchio workshop through which trains currently in service are lowered. The new ones, however, are too long to fit in that space, so we have to wait for the construction of a temporary depot. There are those who argue that the new trains are not brought on the tracks because there are old trains and the space is easier if they can be unloaded on the railway tracks. Found by deleting old ones currently intended for service. In short, trams have been used since 1990 because there is no “hole” through which new factories can pass.

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Opening ceremony this summer Stations of direction center He was born Court from Row 1Decisive steps to close the long-awaited metro loop, which will allow for a more agile and less complex service than the current one.

After the last inspection at the station Management CenterHowever, it was Mayor Gaetano Manfredi who explained that the new stops should be open by Christmas 2024. These are physiological slippages during the construction of major works, so we must continue despite the mayor’s words. Stay tuned to understand when the new stations on Line 1 will be operational.

Another postponement was announced by the Palazzo San Giacomo, this time unexpected: it reopened Chiaya Funicular After twenty years of maintenance work. The plant has been closed since October 1, 2022, 633 days have passed, and the work, which was seriously delayed by bureaucratic issues, is still ongoing. Completion of work has always been set for the end of summer 2024, but recently the Palazzo San Giacomo announced that the reopening could be postponed to December. The residents and traders of Vomero and Chiaya did not take it well.


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