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Here is the new plan for the future

Here is the new plan for the future

Although the drivers’ title is gone, Ferrari wants to push again in these last four races. It is a very important reason.

Ferrari has been running out of wins since July 10. Three months in which Red witnessed the disappearance of the possibility of fighting for the world championship, Definitely went with victory in Japanese GP till then Max VerstappenIt is good not only to take advantage of all the gifts the Maranello team gave for technical problems and errors on the wall but also to highlight his class at the defining moments of the season. Three months in which Ferrari has shown that it is unable to change pace and make a difference as it did in the first part of the season Where, as mentioned, she had many problems (see power unit) that robbed her of the successes she deserved on the field.

Charles Leclerc Ferrari (ANSA)

In recent months, F1-75 appears to have strayed a bit, After winter work and the first part of the season, the car was always able to keep up with Red Bull’s pace with updates that each time gave the desired results on the track.

The breaking point appears to have been the French Grand Prix, where Ferrari introduced a new flat bottom To increase the low pressure area present at its entrance and to increase the downward force generated by the bottom itself. Drilling has been made on the top of the inlet of the Venturi Ducts to move airflow outward from the bellies and thus improve the aerodynamic efficiency of these modified ducts at Silverstone. However, the solution in successful assignments turned out to be inappropriate, given that Both Leclerc and Sainz They have since complained of a car that is unstable and “devours tires.”.

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Only six podiums have emerged since Paul Rijkaard went out by knockout and there was no real chance of the Reds winning, if not in Singapore, where in the absence of the Verstappen cannibal it was Perez who made the big sound. From Monza, where a new adjustment has been made to the bottom, the air appears to be back in favor of the Italian team, which is still missing the date with the win.

Ferrari, eyes on the news

The goal of the red team, after the world championship is already over, is to try to improve the team mechanics more and more, which several times this year showed shortcomings, especially from the point of view of tactics. But, as selected by the team manager Mattia BinottoThese appointments to the last World Championships will serve the team for her Try to get back in front of everyone thanks to the new improvements to F1-75.

One may ask: Why develop a car that has lost its title now rather than dedicate body and soul to Project 2023? Simple, because the regulations for the next season will remain essentially unchanged So any changes made to the track today can be used to better understand next year’s car and to understand if we are heading in the right direction.

In recent weeks, Ferrari has moved very meticulously on the key to the futureand bring more Upgrades for the hybrid part of the engineWhich today seems to be relied upon again after the many problems that weakened the chances of the championship in the first part of the season. In addition to Engineers are also working hard on the underside of the vehicle, where they can work to achieve greater stability and traction. In Japan, Rossa brought another step of updates, which seems to have worked. And this is fundamental, because it can give the technicians another hand in improving the project of the 2023 car, which is now ready in almost all its specifications.

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So the focus will be on the novelties that Ferrari has brought to the track in these last four events, who hopes to get the answers he’s looking for and thus give a boost to his next car project. To really give attack to the World Cup after a very modest attempt this season.