Thursday, July 25, 2024

Here is Paris, between Macron and Putin a tense conversation – the world


An hour and a half of frost: Emmanuel Macron continues to keep the dialogue open with Vladimir Putin, but there is no dialogue. Clear pessimism emerged after a 90-minute phone call, which was followed by a call from Macron to Volodymyr Zelensky: “The worst is yet to come,” Macron was quoted by Elysee sources as after his third phone call with Putin after the invasion of Ukraine. It started a week ago.

The Russian president expressed his “strong determination” to go all the way and not to negotiate anything except on his terms. Apparently, the head of the Kremlin – who took the initiative to contact the French president – said that he wanted to “control the whole territory” of Ukraine, a project that is being developed “in accordance with expectations” by Fly. The clarification added that he would not return or conduct any negotiations if the Ukrainians did not accept his terms (disarmament and so-called “de-Nazification”), and that the process could even “get worse”. Macron responded in a “candid” manner – that’s the word the Elysee has used to define talks between the two leaders in recent days – explaining to Putin that he was “making a huge mistake towards the Ukrainian government” and that the Nazi accusations were “nothing but stories” told by the Kremlin chief to “search for pretexts”. Macron is very pessimistic, according to Elysee sources, although he is determined to “toughen sanctions” against Russia. The symbol of this policy today was the seizure by the French authorities of a large yacht belonging to a company associated with an executive of the Russian oil giant Rosneft, Igor Sechin.

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