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Here are the new rules to combat evasion

Here are the new rules to combat evasion

fines For merchants who do not use POS and do not accept Payments through cards and debit cards And news to encourage participation in lottery receipt. The government launched a new one anti evasion plan Through a decree that includes a series of tax changes.

There is not only the relaunch of the receipt lottery, but also the measures of public administration and health care, which go through Super Bonus 110%. The rules are part of judging the bannerneeded to achieve some of the planned targets by June 30, which were approved by the Cabinet late in the evening.

It’s the first Intervention against tax evasionIt is a partial procedure will then be strengthened in the future. Also because at the moment grappling majority and the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, with a clash on the financial delegation Mathieu Salveni and Lega and the positions that pay for financial peace, rather than the rules of anti-evasion.

Decree combating evasion related to Bbnr

The decree begins with a purpose: lower taxes In an effort to combat tax evasion through the use of digital technology. The goal is to improve the databases to find the lists of taxpayers for their petition. Overall, the executive branch must reduce evasion by 40% by 2026 (the end of the national rehabilitation program history), ranging from minus 5% in 2023 and 15% in 2024.

One is also served in judgment 110% squeeze on Superbonus: Aeneas file is expected to be sent upstream, as is the ecological bounty. The goal is to be able to improve all stages of control.

Up fines for those who do not accept payment by POS

Commitment to get points of sale It has been in effect since June 30, 2014 for Professionals and public operators: So they have to Accept debit cards and debit card payments. Commitment, however, does not involve – yet – Penalties for defaulters.

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The application of fines has been postponed to January 1, 2023, but will now be brought forward to June 30, 2022. €30 Every time a POS payment is not allowed: to this number will be added 4% of the deal was rejected.

Send the card data to the Revenue Agency

Another fad for card payments related to Electronic Transaction Managers: they will have to Digital data transmission Payment Agency revenue. In doing so, the goal is to introduce new criteria for determining who is running away and not anger against those who make a mistake on their tax return.

Indeed, since December, operators have already been obligated to send the total amount of daily transactions via PagoPa: the new decree aims to Transfer each process separately.

How does the receipt voucher change

Receipt lottery It has been less successful than expected, but the attempt now is to incentivize it and increase digital payments. Simplification aims to: Goodbye barcode For submission every time you make a purchase.

in its place On the receipt there will be a qr code That the customer would have to frame an app (maybe an Io app) to see if it won right away. Plus he also thought Increase the number of withdrawals and winningsBut in quantities less than the current quantities.

The electronic billing commitment extends

News also about Commitment to electronic billswhich extends to VAT figures on a flat rate basis. We’re talking about those who pay 15% of income up to 65 thousand euros, nearly two million people. With the introduction of electronic billing system, it is estimated that it has reduced the value-added tax gap of nearly two and a half percentage points, the equivalent of 3.5 billion euros (including 2 for billing only).

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