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Here are the diseases or dangers that can be hidden behind annoying tingling in the fingers

Here are the diseases or dangers that can be hidden behind annoying tingling in the fingers

Sometimes we tend to underestimate some of the signals our signals send us the body. Some of them are strange and hard to understand. In particular, tingling in the fingers can be accompanied by a loss of sensation in the fingertips. The causes of this discomfort can be multiple and exist Many studies on this topic. Here are what diseases or Risks They can be hiding behind annoying tingling in the fingers. Well, diseases that can be associated with numbness of the fingers can be as follows:

1) vasculitis especially when twitching arises in a constant change in ambient temperature; 2) Peripheral nerve compressions, such as carpal tunnel syndrome caused by nerve compression in the wrist or elbow. Such deficiencies can arise from poor posture. 3) Nerve lesions at the central level as occurs in multiple sclerosis or at the peripheral level. 4) Circulatory disorders due to hypotension or hypertension. 5) Neurological disorders such as brain attack or transient ischemic attacks (TIAs).

Here are the diseases or dangers that can be hidden behind annoying tingling in the fingers

Additional risks or diseases associated with the phenomenon of tingling fingers are the following: 1) Osteoarthritis or arthritis. 2) diabetic; 3) tendinopathy. 4) Cervical pain. 4) A sign of the imminent arrival of a panic attack due to anxiety and tension. In this case, hyperventilation may be accompanied by tingling of the hands and feet; 5) Thyroiditis. 6) Vitamin deficiency. 7) Infections such as the so-called shingles. 8) Trauma. These are the main reasons that can justify the discomfort involved but are the most common and widespread causes. In fact, it can also arise from other causes, so it is always advisable to consult a doctor if symptoms persist.

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When to call the doctor or emergency room

It is especially important to consult a doctor in some cases. This occurs when the tingling is mostly nocturnal or causes awakening during sleep. Another condition when it tends to spread to other parts of the body. Or when it is related to and affects specific activities, it also affects the work. Finally, the emergency room should be called immediately if suddenly tingling in the fingers or other parts of the body occurs with certain symptoms. Think: feeling disoriented, weak, paralyzed, difficulty speaking, dizziness or severe headache.

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