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“Help me. Something really bad has happened.”


cornflower She was a guest Summer Life He talked about a very bad experience he had during his last tour of Italy. The singer, who returned to the spotlight after the last edition of Big Brother where she formed a very strong friendship with Beatrice Luzi, revealed that she had been the victim of a robbery: her musical instruments were stolen. The presenter of the show, Nunzia De Girolamo, asked her if she wanted to appeal and tell her what had happened.

Tommaso Trussardi, arguing violently in the car: “Very violent swearing.” What happened?


Fiordaliso went into a long live broadcast: “Help me. Something really bad happened. They stole the instruments of all my musicians yesterday in Ponteccaniano. Please, if anyone knows anything, please help us. These instruments are the work of children, and they invested a lot of money to buy them. They took everything that was in the truck. They stole the work tools, and that is exactly what hurts me the most.”

Musical instruments have a very valuable value on both a human and economic level: “Buying these instruments requires a real investment of a lot of money on everyone’s part.” The singer then made an appeal and invited anyone who saw something to speak up and tell what they saw.

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