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He will play Bologna-Inter: "The confusion in the Nerazzurri".  Appeal on February 22-23?

He will play Bologna-Inter: “The confusion in the Nerazzurri”. Appeal on February 22-23?

Inter did not accept the news of the sports judge who did not punish Bologna and will play the match

There is no match on the table for Inter against Bologna, like this The Nerazzurri decided to appeal it. Sports judge Masandrea decided that Russopley would not be penalized in any way and that the match should be rescheduled.

“From Viale Librazioni, there is a bewilderment of a different decision from the one taken by Udinese-Salernitana, where 3-0 were allocated to Friulian and -1 to Campania, which followed what happened last year with Juventus-Napoli, with a team that did not appear on the ground The stadium after the postponement request was rejected. Why did Masandrea act differently? The Nerazzurri’s appeal will serve exactly this purpose: they are based on the elements on which the decision was made. Yesterday evening, in fact, according to viale Liberazione, there is no indication. 5 and 6 last January, also noting that the appeal to TAR by the same league against the provision of Ausl that halted Bologna’s activity has been rejected”Corriere dello Sport explains.

“According to Inter, this is not enough. Because, apart from not explaining the reason for the 15-day waiting period for the verdict, in the absence of an appeal from Bologna, no further information has been requested from the Federal Prosecutor to get a more complete picture of the situation. Russopley did not provide Himself, after his appeal, any kind of notes or documents. And Inter, so far, has not been just a spectator. Thus, challenging the judge’s ruling will serve your Nerazzurri all the cards and determine the legal strategy. In short, it opens another front. And times are expanding, and at this point threaten The date of February 22-23 in order to recover “The newspaper adds.

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