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He was 28 years old.  Affected by fulminant leukemia

He was 28 years old. Affected by fulminant leukemia

Died Michelle MerlowYoung artist “friends” Did not succeed. In an official note, family counselors reported that late yesterday evening Merlo, 28, died in the intensive care unit at Maggiore Hospital in Bologna. He was hospitalized last Thursday, after doctors diagnosed him with fulminant leukemia, which also caused a brain haemorrhage, so he underwent emergency surgery. The circumstances of the singer-songwriter, born in 1993, seemed critical from the first moment.

Michel Merlot in miserable circumstances. His father was angry: ‘They sent him home from the hospital’

Father’s complaint

Father Domenico was informed yesterday negligence of doctors Who were the first to visit his son when he went to the hospital last Wednesday after an illness. He pointed the finger at them, saying: “Michelle has been ill for days, and on Wednesday he went to the emergency room of another hospital in the Bologna region, who may have mistakenly thought that the symptoms described were a simple viral form. I sent her home. Even during the required intervention in the emergency room, Thursday evening, it seems that the seriousness of the situation was not immediately clear at that time.” In the past few hours on social media, some unwitting conspiracy theorists have linked the singer’s leukemia with an alleged adhesion to an experiment for Serum Against Covid-19, starting with a satirical video that Merlot himself shared on social media in recent days in which the singer-songwriter mocked the same conspirators: “We would like to categorically deny what some uninformed people write on social media: Michelle has not been vaccinated. No way against Covid. Michel had a severe form of fulminant leukemia with subsequent cerebral hemorrhage.”

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Farewell friends and colleagues: Emma gives him the party

The news hasn’t arrived yet Emma Maroon, who he knew and followed closely during the trial at Amici, had dedicated last night’s party to him In Verona Arena. He said at the opening, “A lot of people are in my heart but tonight there is a certain person in my heart and I dedicate all this party to him, all your warmth and all your energy: Come on Mickey, come on.” From the event that celebrated his ten year career. A message also reached Michele’s mother, Katia Ferrari, who wrote on Facebook: “I’m sure Mickey heard you. Thank you.” But outside the hospital, fans raised a banner that read “Come on, Michele.” This morning, on the news of his disappearance, Emma gave him another thought: “Hi, Michelle. Last night I sang out loud for you. This morning my heart broke a thousand pieces I have no words my friend I kiss you on the forehead and the corners of your mouth always crack Have a good flight»

On social media, many dedications and memories of the singer: From dead sand (“How unfair to die like this in 28 years. What a pity. Rest in peace boy”) x factorAnother musical talent he had been involved in, he bid a final farewell to him.

Post job

To alert fans of the 28-year-old singer-songwriter, who participated after participating in it friends He changed his name to Cinemaboy and signed a contract with independent label Maciste Dischi, before returning to record under his real name in 2019 with the album Stupid Hearts, the long silence that followed his last Instagram post five days ago, a picture of a sunset and a few words: «I love sunset The sun but my throat and head are exploding with evil. treatments? So the news of Michel Merlot’s hospitalization, whose conditions seemed grave from the start: on the night between Thursday and Friday, the singer-songwriter underwent emergency surgery to limit the damage to the brain haemorrhage caused by sudden leukemia. Merlo and her friends and fans on social media Many left comments right under that recent Instagram post: “Come, free spirit,” Federico Rossi of the duo Benji & Fede wrote.

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