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He took money to fix matches: Zwier refereeed the match between Italy and Albania


The kickoff was blown In Italy In the match againstAlbania it will be Felix ZwierHelp him Stefan Loeb and Marco Aschmüller In the role of assistants. But the fourth man will be Daniel Siebertwhile Christian Dangert H Bastian Dankert (The Dutchman and the only non-German on the refereeing staff) will be in VAR. He is also a well-known name in the news. Why? The reason goes back to 2004, when the race director and then his assistant participated in one of them Collecting.

Zwier and match-fixing in Germany

Zwayer had a bad past: It is worth noting his involvement in the scandal, which mainly involved his colleague Robert Heuser. He officiated a match with the latter in 2004 and Accepted 300 euros for Wuppertal SV. In January 2005, he was the referee for Italy’s next match along with three other teammates, Recognition of the refereeing reform of the German Football Association Run by Hoyzer and his involvement. After his confession, he was subjected to… Disqualification for 6 months. However, the punishment was not announced by the German Football Association and was only revealed thanks to a newspaper investigation by Die Zeit several years later. Promotion to the Bundesliga came in 2009 Since 2012 he has held an international title Even direction Nations League Final 2022/23 Between Spain and Croatia.

Zwier, precedents with Italy and Italian league teams

Zwier managed the Italian national team twice. The balance is positive: a win and a draw. He managed the first match on September 7, 2018 against Poland (1-1), then the European Championship preliminary round match on November 17, 2023 against Macedonia (5-2). The German also has precedents with club teams in our tournament: Six wins, four draws and five defeats. One of the last matches in the Champions League last season: the quarter-finals between Naples And the Barcelona. Now the German referee has put the past behind him and Azzurri fans will be hoping he has a positive day.

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