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He saw her die before his eyes.

He saw her die before his eyes.

The last “Sanremo Festival” was also a very important success. Thanks to the excellent work done in the months leading up to the broadcast, Amadeus is the undisputed protagonist, achieving significant results in terms of audience and music distribution. In fact, the festival’s artistic director found a way to pick songs that had been on radio for weeks, and so the latest edition was an undisputed success. Capable, which is why it seems that Ray wants to entrust the next edition of Sanremo to him, thus reaching the fourth edition in a row. Important artists in the corners of the catwalk include Gianni Morandi and Elisa. The two young men who won the singing competition, Mahmoud and Blanco, will also attend the Italian tribute at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Turin. Hopefully they will be as strong as the Maneskins, who won the 2021 edition. The latter case also represented the personal success of Amadeus, who decided to focus on this group of youngsters who managed to beat everyone else. Victoria, Thomas and Ethan are the members of this extraordinary and stinging band who managed to find a very significant peak of success with Sanremo rock soul first and the Eurovision Song Contest afterwards, and in both cases they triumphed with great fanfare.

Four self-made guys, as has been said a lot in recent months, who over the years have reached the pinnacle of world music. Despite the appearance of the Rebel Bad Boys, the four members of the group lead a very quiet, over-the-top life, and are already trying to set a good example for the millions of fans who follow them. Even regarding them love affairs We don’t know much. Damiano David has certainly been romantically linked for years to influencer Giorgia Soleri, and the two seem to have had a crisis lately, but it turned out that it was all just a buzz made by tabloids and rumor sites. Ethan Torchio declares himself single, while Thomas Raggi is in an affair with his little-known girlfriend (Lavinia). Finally, no official information is known about the heart condition of the only woman in the group, Victoria de Angelis.

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But for one of the members, there was a very special drama in his life: guitarist in the band Victoria De Angelis, the only female member. A girl with strong charisma, who in each performance conveys an extraordinary energy on stage with the rest of the group. However, Victoria hides a very dark moment, a tragedy she will never forget and which has affected her life forever. Ellen Orbrand, Victoria’s grandmother, told Dibic some time ago: “My granddaughter Victoria has suffered so much. Watch his mother die. My daughter Janet, realizing that she would lose the battle against the evil that was engulfing her, asked to go to Denmark. Victoria wanted to follow her and remained close to her to the end,” these are the touching words of Victoria’s maternal grandmother, who had always been close to her and who today claims to be proud of her granddaughter.

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