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He rushes to the track and beats the trainer up before the dog race: the attack is brutal

The episode takes place at a greyhound racing dog track in south-east London. Still unaware of the reasons for the act, the assailant was arrested.

The attacker attacks the trainer leading the greyhounds from behind.

The attack was fierce, and the sequence of blows was brutal. It is not clear why and what prompted the attacker to attack a greyhound trainer who was taking the dogs to the starting blocks in the race. The images coming from the Crayford Greyhound Track, in south east London, tell us what happened in those moments of horror.

A video sequence recorded by a photographer present at the dog track shows a hooded figure overcoming a fence and walking briskly toward the man leading the animals on a leash. He comes from behind and hits him on the head and back. Stunned, the coach is dumbfounded and dazed, prey to the wrath of the still troublemaker who pounces on him, slapping and kicking him. During the scuffle, the greyhounds withdrew in fear.

The man is severely beaten and unable to defend himself.

The man is severely beaten and unable to defend himself.

The episode lasted a few moments: “Coach” is fine despite complaining of aches and pains from the beatings he suffered while the attacker was identified and arrested by the police, but an official version of the reasons for the gesture has not yet been provided.

Only the statement by which a Met Police spokesperson confirmed the incident is known: “Police were alerted at 12.36pm on Wednesday 25th January to report an attack on a commercial premises in Stadium Way, Crayford. A man was arrested (but no further details were provided) and charged with causing bodily harm.”.

The stadium, which has hosted dog racing events since 1986, is one of only twenty dog ​​tracks remaining in the United Kingdom. It runs a calendar of events five days a week and is owned by Ladbrokes Coral. A source within the company blamed The Sun: “It was a very unfortunate incident which the police are now dealing with. Our first concern is the well-being of the person who was violently attacked. Fortunately, we know he is doing well and we are waiting for the police to close their investigation…”.