Wednesday, July 24, 2024

He really likes Vampire Survivors –


We have seen that in the absence of an official version, TrueAchievement has released its system to see Activity summary through 2022 on XboxAnd also Phil Spencer He wanted to participate, demonstrating true love for Vampire survivors.

The fact has already emerged that the Xbox Chief seemed categorically linked to Vampire Survivors, even too much: in fact, this data is also confirmed in the summary of the MyYearOnXbox initiative, since the latter is essentially based on it.

As you can see in the tweet above, Spencer released his mini recap, which shows how Vampire Survivors was his most played game with a whopping 233 hours of gameplay and 97% of the content unlocked. In total, over the course of the year, the boss of Xbox has passed away 641 hours Of the Xbox games, 480 achievements have been unlocked, totaling 9,720 Gamerscore points, and 53 titles have been played.

Although doubts remain about the account system of previous games, because the ones used in Vampire Survivors by Spencer still seem to be quite a lot (considering that the game has only been available on Xbox for a few weeks), there is no doubt that Xbox is still being confirmed as a player. Very passionate and that he really loves Vampire Survivors. Also of note is the startling interjection of the same pope among the replies to the tweet.

On this occasion, we remind you of the MyYearOnXbox initiative of TrueAchievement, considering that the official initiative from Microsoft is missing unlike what the competitors PlayStation and Nintendo do. Now, the system should be online again as you can see the this is the address.

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