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He might not play Wimbledon and Medvedev (and other Russians) if he didn't give up on Putin

He might not play Wimbledon and Medvedev (and other Russians) if he didn’t give up on Putin

World No. 1 Daniil Medvedev (He is No. 2 in the ATP again as of Monday). He can be banned from Wimbledon Unless he gives “assurances” that he does not support Russian President Vladimir Putin. This is bouncing news from Englandwhere the Western world is trying to distance itself in every possible way from anything connected with Russia.

Medvedev, along with Russian and Belarusian tennis players, currently plays the Indian Wells tournament in the United States. In fact, the world tennis government has allowed athletes in these countries to continue playing, But without any reference to their nation’s flag. Here it is, For Wimbledon, that may not be enough. At least, according to the British sports minister, Nigel Huddleston, who said on Tuesday they were in contact with the All-England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) about their stance on the Russians at Wimbledon; The tournament begins on June 27.

Huddleston says thatNo one should be licensed to fly the Russian flagTo play Grand Slam tournaments. Then he adds:We’re talking to different sports about this and what the answer should be: No one should ever be allowed or licensed to fly the Russian flag to play.“.


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Strong words, however, Huddleston added a new burden: “I think we need to go further, I think we need more certainty that these athletes are not Vladimir Putin supporters. We are assessing the requirements we may need to obtain this insurance“.

Daniil Medvedev at Wimbledon 2021

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In short, Huddleston seems to want it Something like a general statementa kind of “statement”, to describe it in their own words, indicating a departure from Putin’s ideas.

Until now, tennis has accepted, as was expected, all Russians and Belarusians, but without knowledge; But Russia was banned from team competitions such as the Davis Cup. We’ll see if the Russians’ presence at Wimbledon will really be subject to the kind of public denial requested by the British sports minister.

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