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"He is a supporter of Putin": Savoni's resignation prompts center-right in Lombardy.  The corporation arises

“He is a supporter of Putin”: Savoni’s resignation prompts center-right in Lombardy. The corporation arises

Journalist Gianluca Savoni, President of the Northern League and the Lombardy-Russia Cultural Association was “invited” to resign as Vice President of Gorcom Lombardia, an independent body responsible for government, guarantee and control functions in the communications sector in the region. The Lombardy Regional Council, by secret ballot, has expressed its support for his resignation from Gorkha. With 34 votes in favor and 32 against, the proposal put forward by the Councilor of Europa-Radicali was approved. Michele Usuelli, Signed by the entire center-left, expressing confusion and disagreement about the persistence of the upper part of Savoni. “Unconditional admirer of press freedom and anti-truth regime” calls for his resignation with his own consent. But the vote on Savoni created a rift within the majority of the Lombardy Regional Council, thanks to the favorable vote of at least 6 snipers in the center-right.

After the vote, Lombard President of Lega in the Regional Council, Roberto Anelly“Someone voted in favor of the complexes, which we do not accept, and we do not exaggerate the possibility of a political setback, but it certainly does not work for the majority,” he stressed. Reasons for the proposal for the resignation of Savoni, who is considered by key figures in the “campus” to be unacceptable and “instrumental” by Carocio Russia – League financial corruptionAs well as “openly and openly known for his pro-Russian positions and initiatives and his close relations with leading representatives of the regime. Putin, Positions and relations were never questioned or denied. When asked by reporters whether Savoni’s relations with Russia had an impact on the “flush” referendum from Gorkha Lombardy, Councilor Annelly replied: “Who is not close to Russia? I saw photos of left and right politicians shaking hands with Putin.

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