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He disappears into thin air without a trace, and a corpse is found 10 years later in the refrigerator of the tavern

He disappears into thin air without a trace, and a corpse is found 10 years later in the refrigerator of the tavern

It was discovered by chance during the renovation process and according to the London police, the man’s body may have remained in the refrigerator for several years.

era disappeared into the air Without a trace and despite pleas, posters and messages on social media and websites specializing in missing persons, nothing was heard from him again. Ten years later, the man’s body was discovered by chance Inside a former bar fridge Now in neglect. It is the harrowing story that comes from London as the police have reopened the investigation into the case and are looking for witnesses to reconstruct what happened. Roy Page, that’s the man’s name, was 70 when he disappeared from Newham, in the eastern part of the British capital, in February 2012.

For a long time the seventy-year-old pensioner was believed to be alive, appeals were launched on several occasions but no one reported his existence, so over the years it was believed that he was dead. Then the terrible discovery of the corpse in an advanced state of decomposition Ten years after his disappearance. A totally accidental discovery has been made since the terrible discovery by some builder who was called to renovate the property where the pub was once located. In fact, Greater London Police announced today that Mr. Big’s body has been discovered in a freezer in the basement of the renovation property that once owned the man.

In fact, the man’s remains were discovered last October, but only subsequent examinations were able to confirm that he was exactly the owner of the missing pensioner. Mr. Page was eventually identified only by comparing the body’s dental arch to ancient clinical records. “We think Roy’s body may have been in the freezer for several years“London police who are now looking for information explained.” Talking to people who knew him will help us determine not only his lifestyle and habits, but also when he was last seen. “Any information that could be really important to our investigation,” police said.

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