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He asks about the green aisle at the pizzeria but has to deal with protests: "I'm losing customers, not everyone respects the rules"

He asks about the green aisle at the pizzeria but has to deal with protests: “I’m losing customers, not everyone respects the rules”

Udine. “I enforce the rules, but I lose customers. I am ashamed of the situation that has arisen.” Pasquale Iovieno is the owner of the Atlantide pizzeria on Vittorio Veneto. In recent days, he has found himself dealing with the dissatisfaction of some customers with the duty to show the green lane for the consumption of food and drinks inside the restaurant (As required by national legislation.) And it was not always in his favour.” “Most people don’t make a fuss, and they do come with the certificate in hand—says Iovieno—but one incident happened to me that stunned me. The regular customer, who comes at least two or three times a week, but sits outside, wants to sit inside. He was asked to show the green lane and refused, threatening to go to restaurants where they would not ask for the certificate. We were relentless – adds the owner of the restaurant – and that person was gone. I lost an agent for vainly enforcing the rules.”

But what infuriates Yofino is the suspicion that his other teammates aren’t too enthusiastic about the checks. “There are restaurants and pizzerias in town where they let you in without asking for the green lane. I wonder where the police controls are – Iovieno continues in his fury – why do smart people always have to get away with it? I am offended by this situation.” The operator turned to Confcommercio for The advice clearly suggested that the class should continue down the path of controls and compliance; the latter options would bear fruit in the long term.

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However, the Green Pass is not the only case reported by Via Vittorio Veneto businessman, who refers to some people who, after eating out, pretend to enter the restaurant to pay without wearing a mask: “If they point out their anger and threaten you never to return. But where did we come from?». Yofino is convinced that the greatest discomfort is experienced above all by the locals in the center, who watch him. “Not everyone respects the rules in the suburbs – notes the restaurateur – and this, in my opinion, is called unfair competition. The rules, if any, must be respected by all, or else it will be chaos. I hope that the officials will conduct the necessary checks and take the necessary measures. We all want to work, but under the same conditions.”