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Hawaii, the island of Maui devastated by fires, six dead and 2,100 displaced –

Hawaii, the island of Maui devastated by fires, six dead and 2,100 displaced –

Fire devours everything On the island of Maui in Hawaii (United State). dehydration fHurricane Dora They facilitated the spread of the fire to such an extent that there are currently six victims and more than two thousand displaced people, after no less than 13 operations and evacuations carried out by the local authorities. Many people were forced to dive into the sea in order to save themselves. The same Coastguard She rescued 14 people, including two children, who fled to the ocean to escape the fire and smoke. Three of them had severe burns and were taken to the burn unit Straub Medical Center. The rest were taken to other hospitals in Honolulu. At least 20 patients have been brought to the hospital Maui Memorial Medical Center.

the Hawaii So they decided to declare it Emergency And alert National Guard To facilitate operations to extinguish the fires that surround the islands of the archipelago and to help residents and tourists to evacuate cities and beaches. It would be exactly the combination of drought and hurricane that fanned the flames and made it so difficult for firefighters to intervene, making They have not yet managed to tame the fires (They would have been born in at least three different regions, fueled by gusts of wind that also reached this point. 100 kilometers per hour). The Maui National Guard is helping firefighters try to put out the flames but the fires are currently out of control.

Several witnesses tell the US media of scenes of horror and panic, describing a horrific situation, between blackouts and plumes of smoke. The local health system is already under stress, due to the many burns, and the emergency numbers are unusable. Homes, businesses, accommodation facilities, everything is being destroyed. The outcome is very serious, and the number of victims may rise further, ”this is the confession of the mayor of the community West Maui town of LahainaAnd Richard Besenfacing a demonic landscape, with the fire yet to be tamed, but which risks spreading further.

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