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Has TV been replaced by TikTok and Youtube? According to two studies, this is true

With the passage of time and the increase in the spread of electronic devices such as smart phone And the plankWe are witnessing an ever stronger migration of new generations from television to the internet and social networks.

To confirm this trend, two studies, one in English and one in American, revealed that i Young people have almost completely replaced TV with TikTok and YouTube.

TikTok and Youtube are the new TV

Of the two investigations carried out, the first was conducted entirely on the territory of the United Kingdom, and the subject of the investigation was “youthsHer Majesty’s Citizens: Participants were asked how many Time spent in front of the TVMore specifically, the question was about the hours you spend watching certain public network channels in the UK such as BBC, ITV or Channel 4And the How much on TikTokthe results are lapidary.

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British Internet users aged 15 and 24 years old They pass on average every day 57 minutes Tik Tok lonely 53 minutes in front of the TV. To this data, which does not seem strange at all, it must be added that about half of the people interviewed said that they watch TV less than 15 minutes Weekly (a little over two minutes per day on average).

The balance reached between TV and TikTok tends to shift in favor of the former as the age involved increases: in the range During 65users pass on average More than 6 hours a day in front of the TV screen.

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The second research was conducted by Pew Research Center It targets teens in the United States. The results of this survey are also important and reflective direction It has already been stated in the study of the English language: Among the elderly boys Between the ages of 13 and 19, the most used entertainment is YouTubefollowed by TikTok (67%), Instagram (62%) and Snapchat (59%).

Moreover, among these, 19% said they had seenalmost constantlyvideoWhile 41% said they watched multimedia content “several times a day”. Finally, from American teens 55% think they are having a good time social networks36% is too much and only 8% is too little.

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