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Harry breaks silence on the Queen: an unforgivable insult

“I’m sure of it The queen must be protected Harry said during an interview with her today’s show For NBC, he broke the silence about the secret meeting he had with Meghan Markle and Elizabeth on Thursday, April 14. The assertions that chilled Buckingham Palace were interpreted by experts on real matters as yet another insult or worse as a “gross insult” from the Prince towards his grandmother and all her family members.

Harry, the big mistake about the Queen

So here we go again. Harry opens his mouth around the world and combines another person of his own. Statements rang out about the Queen’s safety and the fears the grandson who cared for his grandmother might feel hypocrisy And the British media did not spare Criticisms and paradoxes Megan’s husband. The daily Mail Newspaper headlines in capital letters: He’s worried about the King, who wasn’t present at Prince Philip’s memorial and who gave Oprah Winfrey a scathing interview against the royal family, and he didn’t hit the Queen indirectly either.

But Harry doesn’t seem to realize that. Or it is all studied on the table, according to the classic Hollywood strategies of which Ms. Markle is an expert.

Harry, the interview infuriates

Fresh from the three days in The Hague A Attend Invictus Gameswhere meg exhibited Looks great for over 45,000 eurosThen Harry wanted to tell Hoda Kotb, the presenter of the American program, in another interview today’s showwhere only the main subject can be the queen.

The prince, who was quite comfortable on the court, in a polo shirt and dark jeans, told about his meeting with his grandmother. They haven’t seen each other for a year, the last chance being the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral in April 2021. Harry praised the Queen’s ‘great sense of humor’ and said it was ‘really nice to meet her’.

“Being with her was great. It was great to see her, she is doing well.” But if he’s so happy to spend time with the Queen, why doesn’t he come back often to see her, perhaps with his children Archie and Lilipet, court experts wonder.

Harry’s unforgivable phrases

Harry’s words weigh like rocks and cause a storm on him. Indeed, the Prince, referring to His Majesty, declared: “He always has a sense of humor with me and I just make sure she is protected and has the right people around her. Meghan and I had tea with her, so it was really nice to meet her.” This was the first time the couple had returned to the mansion together. But of course it was just a hit and run. Harry said:The home for me is now in the United States. We were welcomed with open arms.”

But a few words sparked indignation. The Sun Royal writer Angela Levine, after hearing the Prince’s interview, stated: “Within 15 minutes Harry felt reassured that the Queen was protected and had the right people around her. His comment on US television is a grave insult to all members of the royal family, the royal doctors and all of His Royal Highness’s aides.” His arrogance knows no bounds“.

David Melo, a former Conservative MP, spoke about Harry Comic Evolution: “The highest-paid comedian couldn’t be more fun.” He described the Duke of Sussex’s life as “distorted”. “He’s become like a Kardashian, surrounded by people who want to film him because they pay so much money for the privilege of filming him and the Queen only becomes important to him because he has to have credibility on Netflix.”

Harry interviews today

Harry during the “Today Show” interview

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