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Harry and Meghan have created their own kingdom away from the royal family

In all likelihood, Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, will never inherit the throne of the United Kingdom. Indeed, with the birth of William and Kate’s children, the couple moved more and more from power. Nothing prevents the Duke and Duchess of Sussex from establishing their own kingdom in which they can act freely.

According to foreign press reports, this goal can be achieved very soon. The Prince Harry And the Meghan Marklein fact, they’d already be in talks for Create your own universe. It will definitely be the first time ever for a royal. But what is meant by all this?


The royal couple is said to be in Negotiation Advanced levels already with technology company Pax.World to create a file Globalism new in Metaverse. The source revealed that i Sussex You have very clear ideas about using this new tool, which can also give a Pay Well them Business.

Harry and Meghan launch the project in the Metaverse

When it comes to traditional kingdoms, Sussex is often at the center of accusations. But they can find their salvation by jumping into the world of the future. What is the intent of Prince Harry And the Meghan Markle Embarking on this new adventure? Reportedly, the Meg hated it It will give impetus to their projects and will provide for them.”capacity greater than Spread their message.


A source close to the couple said mirrors thathe is Megan that Harry They believe they will have a greater ability to deliver their message if they have a presence in the virtual world as well as the physical world.” To achieve their goals, the Dukes of Sussex turned to the founder of Pax.World, Frank Fitzgeraldwho gave the spouses a piece of land “excellentWith endless possibilities to get involved in the virtual world. L ‘Insiders He added that the two:hThe year spoke to a variety of experts and the opinion is that this is the next stage in their making Brand name truly worldwide“.

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duke f Duchess From Sussex In the future they can broadcast their programs Podcasts In the Metaverse, or use this space for Announces they charitable obligations. Fitzgerald commented on the news, confirming the rumour. He said: “The Metaverse is tailor-made for the advanced, tech-savvy and entrepreneurial audience that Harry and Meghan seek to connect with while turning over a new leaf, far From Royal family.