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Happy birthday to the new medical doctors!

With the work presented, the new young doctors have demonstrated a high level of preparation and competence to meet the new challenges of medicine. Excellent reviews for everyone.

Today’s young doctors represent a great hope for better health care than ever, in keeping with the times and innovation, with all those services necessary to protect and defend the patient.

Some discussions took place face to face, and others remotely.

Other alumni include: Bianchi Chiara, Di Petrantonio Laura, Fidanza Lucrezia, Graziani Ilaria, Margani Deborah, Melchiori Sara, Romano Elisa and Vizzani Valeria.

Among the discussions that aroused the interest of the Commission is the experimental message written by Dr. Chiara Bianchi, by title “Evaluation of diaphragm movement as an indicator of weaning after mechanical ventilation in patients with severe acute respiratory failure from SARS CoV-2-associated pneumonia”, With whom do you deal and discuss? Current critical illnesses and conditions caused by the Covid 19 virus.

The President of the Medical Syndicate extended his best wishes to all university students for the task ahead of them.

Congratulations to all the new doctors from the editorial board

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