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Halo Infinite, how does it work on Xbox One?  Digital Foundry - تحليل Analysis

Halo Infinite, how does it work on Xbox One? Digital Foundry – تحليل Analysis

infinite aura It undoubtedly looks great on PC and Xbox Series X, but Come Jira Su Xbox One? Making the usual digital foundry Analytics technique to provide us with a comprehensive answer, by direct comparison of all four Microsoft consoles.

If you’ve read our review on Halo Infinite, you’ll know that 343 Industries have been able to deliver on their promises, using 12 months of extra time after the delay to dramatically improve the game’s technical sector and eliminate the critical issues born after the popular gameplay demo in 2020.

So how does Master Chief’s latest adventure behave on the base version of the previous generation platformer of the House of Redmond? The frame rate In this case, aim for 30fps and Precision It’s dynamic, with wide variations from 1080p to 720p depending on the weight of the scene.

The experience feels almost intact, the game world is right there and that’s what matters, although the fluidity is questioned by frame speed Sometimes problematic and quality Origin And the effects it clearly drives in terms of hardware that wasn’t already in 2013 is the absolute best.

that it Xbox One X Things obviously improve, with two different graphics modes available: Quality, with 4K dynamic resolution (2160p to 1440p depending on situation) and 30fps but also here with frame speed issues, or performance, with 1440p dynamic and 60fps In the second – undoubtedly the best solution.

Unfortunately, as already mentioned, the Xbox Series S version of Halo Infinite is worse than the Xbox One X: the resolution does not exceed 1080p even in quality mode, while in performance mode it drops to 960p to maintain 60 frames per second as well. Here is the best solution.

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