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Guirinale, live – Salvini: “Berlusconi? We will wait for his accounts. Deadline before 24 votes”.  Fico wants to avoid marked cards

Guirinale, live – Salvini: “Berlusconi? We will wait for his accounts. Deadline before 24 votes”. Fico wants to avoid marked cards

Salvini: “We are waiting for P. to do his accounts”

“I continue to meet with the people and we are waiting for the president Berlusconi Make it yours Dating And his Series, But we will not accept videos from anyone. ” He says Matteo Salvini, The Senate met with reporters earlier. “Leftists have no numbers to choose for themselves – he underlines – I reiterate the call to all. Party leader Keep face to face with it and get down to the field in person Tracy “Unlike Lotta, we did not veto anyone,” Salvini said. Deadline For that To check Votes on Berlusconi? “Before you start Vote Next week, ”the league leader underlined.

Positive vote, government sources: “No request from room”

“It simply came to our notice then A security protocol is required“For example, what was drawn for the stadiums, and, for the time being,” then no request was received from the Chamber regarding anti-Govt activities related to safe elections. Sergio Matterella In Quirinal. Lapres learns from government sources that a circular issued by the Ministry of Health on January 13 last year to regulate the movement of affected and isolated people “had nothing to do with the presidential referendum and was designed for housing and relocation.” Residence “.

M5s-Pd Tensions, Pattuvanelli responds to Pettini’s words

“If the unity of purpose in view குய்ரினாலே Represented by interviews and interviews published in journals, in which opinions are expressed Movement And its political leader, especially at this point we are not allowed to do, I would say the direction of the coalition is not right. So Minister Stefano Paduvanelli, Chairman of the M5S Delegation in Government, in an interview with Dem Goffredo Bettini published this morning in the pages of Courier della Serra.

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M5s, Conte meets public servants in the evening

Public staff meeting tonight 5 Stelle movement. President Giuseppe Conte will unite Pentagon leaders, including ministers, at 10pm tonight. Luigi Di Mayo, Stefano Pattuvanelli, Federico de Inca and Fabiana Dodon. The meeting will also be attended by committee chairs and delegates from the four national coordinators, the Chamber and the Senate. Alfonso Bonafete, Sierra Appendino, Fabio Massimo Castaldo and Gianluca Beryl.

Image: “Decision about reading ballots to guarantee voting”

“What La Repubblica newspaper published today is wrong and misleading. Decision on Reading cards The guarantee will be accepted by President Figo Perfect character And good performance Works For the presidential election. This goal also provided inspiration Pioneer. So it has nothing to do with personalities and anything Political speculation The research methods are completely misleading. “This is what we read in the Speaker’s note Roberto Figo.

Island MPs against Green Permit

Islanders Parliamentary Group Against Government. According to them, duty Reinforced green bass On Public transport “Infringes on the privileges of Parliament In view of the vote on the President of the Republic “. In the Extraordinary Council Room Constitutional Court The application for precautionary suspension relating to the appeal dated January 19 will be considered. Conflict of properties Between the powers of the state conferred by the Hon Pine goats Alternativa and three other representatives and senator of the Ordinance 30 December 2021 n. 229. A memorandum from the Council states that it is the duty area of ​​the Govt-19 Green Certificate in Transport Instructions.

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Calenda: “The elephant in the room, P. interrupts the conversation.”

Didn’t Silvio Berlusconi have a chance to come to the mountain? “Yes, I think so, but it’s the same thing Candidate Brings Problems Note: If a conversation fails, in our opinion we should first worry about the possibility of creating a legislative agreement. Tracy The Prime Minister should avoid political forces saying anything in the CDM in the last one and a half months and denying it. The paragraph breaks really are important for Berlusconi’s candidacy to talk about the government and then the president, “said Tariq al-Hashimi, the party’s secretary general. Carlo Calenda, a Rainews24.

Gianni: “I will not vote for B. I trust Mattarella”

“There are many who do not vote for the presidency: for example, in the most honest manner and with all due respect, the person at this time Silvio Berlusconi, But I do not think we should choose a person who expresses a part at this moment, as is the case ”. So this morning, speaking to Lady Radio, the head of the Tuscany region, Eugenio Gianni. He later added: “I hope you can vote for Sergio Mattarella Will always be “.