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Green rating, Germany poses an obstacle to French plans: "No to including nuclear energy among the EU's green sources"

Green rating, Germany poses an obstacle to French plans: “No to including nuclear energy among the EU’s green sources”

there Germany hinders the French plan for Include nuclear energy at green classification fromEuropean Union. L ‘Elisha Member states are asked to make a pre-vote declaration of their intentions regarding the controversial legislative act and to say no, it is Berlin, as explained by a spokesman for the Ministry of the Environment, which would therefore oppose the text he proposed European Commission. It is a position that increases the risk of rejection On one of France’s most cherished issues regarding the European green tipping point, given that over the years the country has continued to focus on nuclear energy.

“The federal government has opposed the classification rules for nuclear energy,” the spokesperson said Important political signal Which shows that nuclear energy It is not sustainable Thus it should not be part of the classification.” Germany’s position complicates approval of the regulation which has always been based on the balance between Berlin’s need to include gas and Paris’ need to include energy produced by nuclear power plants among green sources. Both states and European Parliament They have until July to reject the delegated law.

As you entered the question Laura FerraraMEP from 5 star movementwho seizes the opportunity to return to demand the exclusion of nuclear energy from the European classification: “Germany’s refusal to regulate the classification reopens a game that seemed closed. Nuclear and gas cannot be classified as sustainable investments just because they are two polluting energy sources which they produce slag. It is now clear that neither in the Council nor in the European Parliament this regulation, which is so important for the ecological transition, enjoys broad consensus, so we ask the European Commission, before disavowing it, to reconsider and withdraw the regulation on classification. A sustainable transition is synonymous with renewable and clean energy, and everything else as well green wash which the European Union should oppose.

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In fact, with Inclusion of gas and nuclear in the green classification Looks like it’s closed. Only the opposition of a bloc of states made the vote necessary, an unusual process in these cases. The split is also recorded between the top management of Berlamont: the Dutch socialist Frans Timmermansamong other things Vice-President of the Commission with a mandate to Green Deal, for example, did not even present himself at the conference to present the delegated act. was one The main opponents Inclusion of nuclear energy in the classification with commissioners Johannes Han (Austria) , Nicola Schmidt (Luxembourg), Margaret Vestager (Denmark) , Virginia Sinkevičius (Lithuania), Elisa Ferrara (Portugal) e Josep Borrell (Spain). In the end, one of them abstained, while the commissioners abstained AustriaAnd Portugal And Spain.

On that occasion, it was McGuinness who defended the delegated law: “The law on gas and nuclear could be in the EU’s green classification. incompletebut it is a real solution that pushes us further towards our ultimate goal neutrality of carbon”, he emphasized that “the body of commissioners approved it, expressing its overwhelming support” and stressed that “the classification is self-contained, it is a tool financial markets Could you use or not satisfy them.” And again: “Member states are complete Responsible Deciding your energy mix and rating Does not require investments In certain sectors.” Now, however, the situation risks changing precisely in favor of those who immediately expressed themselves to the exclusion of gas and nuclear power from the rating.