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Green Pass, government backlash for fear of port closures: "Companies evaluate free trials".  Trieste Talkers: No duty or stop

Green Pass, government backlash for fear of port closures: “Companies evaluate free trials”. Trieste Talkers: No duty or stop

One is at risk “Severe defect” Functions of Ports, With severe consequences for the entire sector, even if triggered by the economy, if really workers – to begin with Trieste They will cross their arms as soon as the mandatory green pass begins. So the Interior Ministry is working for security and is compelled to indicate what is possible To retreat In the green certificate: It does with a Round, Signed by the Chairman of the Cabinet Bruno Frattasi, Which asks port companies to consider making it available Free tampons To workers. A hypothesis Labor Committee Rejects the declaration of “duty not to be withdrawn” in the workplace “Block activity”.

More than 48 hours from ‘X Day’, text sent to everyone Priorities, It is necessary after the coordination meeting between the ministers – call Chairman of the Council Underlines port activities and “potential impact Any defects The absence of a green pass can determine “a” Severe impairment The performance of airports is “therefore” equally important implications for this sector and the associated economic stimulus “. Therefore, demand from operators Logistics supply chain In order to make it available to employees without having to “evaluate” them in the port area Green bass Free quick molecular or antigenic tests “

During the meeting, a text message sent to the provinces on Monday reads, “With the involvement of the Priority Network, the need to continue was shared. Immediate monitoring Of staff without Green certificate. This is to assess any impact Deviations “Because of the lack of a green pass that could severely compromise the operations of airports.”

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This document was also signed today by Frattasi, in a further circular, to destroy possible interpretations of the expression “free tampons”. These are not really charged Condition, And Businesses It is urged to fully evaluate the port sector Autonomy What solution do you need to offer Green Pass to your employees to avoid “Important effects” For sector and related industries.

The dock condition is particularly dangerous Trieste, Workers took to the streets and threatened to deny any mediation on the Green PassDismissal from work 15th is the day on which the duty comes into force, in bulk. Chairman of the Port Authority of the East Adriatic Sea, Gino de Acostino, The Talkers have been threatening to resign if a deal is not found after reaffirming their will Block the airport.

In the afternoon, companies operating in the port of Trieste, during a meeting with politicians Valerio Valenti, Said they were willing to give the workers a tampon until then December 31. Among the operators, there were Freight forwarders, Shipping agents e Terminal operators. In Trieste and other ports, the share of workers without a green pass is high 40% According to Julian City Port Workers Coordination. “Existing operators – explained Vilandi – are ready to expect payment for tampons from October 15, but only until December 31 and from October 16 they will resume operation”. Similar negotiations are underway for other sectors such as the sector Public transport Friuli Venice in Giulia: The region is in discussions with local companies in an effort to achieve the same goal.

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There is no shortage of different types of political reactions. Home Ministry recommendation to Democrats “Inappropriate”. Andrea Romano And David Caricillio, Members of the Dem Representatives Transport Commission Of the room, talk about a note “Conflict” “With signs that the government has already received with all Italian companies”. They also ask Home Minister Lamorjee to “fix this paragraph of the circular” so that “the necessary amount of peace is guaranteed”. Security For all operators in the port world. “Caustic comment Matteo Salvini, Who used the opportunity to attack the Home Ministry’s guide: “Ah, but it can be done! Is it zero for millions of other workers? Instead of businesses, the government should contribute. Not enough”.