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Green Pass from April 1st, what changes?  Here are all the rules of the new Govt

Green Pass from April 1st, what changes? Here are all the rules of the new Govt

March 31 is the last day.Govt. Preventive measures starting with templates will not be removed, but the management of the document will be completely different. The color scheme of the regions ends up in the trash can, and without any definite consequences for a month the police station handed over to the General will be removed. Francesco Figliulo And the Science and Technology Committee. The exemption will not be lump sum. In the absence of all the powers guaranteed by the emergency, a new organization will be born in Palazzo Chiki, which is called the “unit for completing the vaccination campaign and adopting other measures to combat the disease.”

It is inevitable that the government will appoint a director, and that many of the players selected by Figliulo will be hired to avoid being handed over to labor. From January 1, 2023 the new anti-Govt direction will go under the control of the Ministry of Health.

From April 1, the break will no longer be mandatory, but optionally, the Green Pass will no longer be required to enter stores and offices, but the Ffp2 mask inside the home will always be required, providing greater security. Free admission to festivals and public holidays, festivals and exhibitions, theme parks and spas. The Super Green Pass will be used for indoor restaurants for another 15 days, while the basic Green Pass will be in effect for one more month for interviews with inmates to attend canteens, public competitions and training classes.


Reinforced Green Pass is no longer required on public transportation, but must hold the Ffp2 mask until the end of the month. For trains, ships and aircraft, basic certification is sufficient for the next month and no documentation is required from May 1, and masks Ffp2 will no longer be mandatory because surgeries will suffice.

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However, for health centers, gymnasiums and congressional centers, full-capacity discos will need a reinforced Green Pass until April 30. To see relatives or friends admitted to the hospital, super certification will be required until the end of this year (unless the rules change).
You can go to work without the Super Green Pass from April 1st. People over the age of 50 (and therefore subject to vaccination duty) can go to work with a basic certificate, i.e. a certificate obtained through a negative swap. Until December 31, only RSA physicians, nurses and staff have a suspension from office and pay. Those in contact with the positive no longer have to go into isolation, but wear the Ffp2 mask for the last ten days of contact.

The rules for homeschooling only positive students will also change. If there are at least four positive cases, attend the class regularly but for the last ten days of contact with the Ffp2 masks positive course. This rule applies from childhood to high school. Those who recover return to school without a certificate, but with a negative test. The progress of the epidemic is yet to be announced. Yesterday’s data was affected by the “weekend effect”, the usual reduction in the number: 59,555 new infections from Govt disease against 73,357 the previous day. The age of the victims is 82. The positive rate is increasing: from 15.5% to 14.5% the day before yesterday. There are 464 patients in the intensive care unit and 9,181 patients in the normal wards.

Bars and restaurants
No bass
If outside

From April 1 to April 30 you can enter outdoor restaurants and bars, outdoor parties and festivals without a green permit. Also from April 1, table and counter service will be available at indoor restaurants and bars with the basic Green Pass (hence Swap only). Instead, Super Green Pass will be required for birthdays, graduations and indoor weddings. There will be no obligation from May 1st.

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Falls every time

From April 1, hotels and lodging will be unrestricted. So there is no need to show the green pass, there is no need to show even the basic one. And customers staying there do not even need a green pass to go to hotels and restaurants inside farm houses. However, super green passes are still required for fitness areas, swimming pools and all accommodation spas.

Bus and Metro

From April 1 to April 30, the Green Pass will no longer be required to travel on all routes of buses, subways, trams, and local public transportation, while the mandatory green pass will be mandatory until Friday (one of the three you will receive after vaccination levels or after recovering from Govt disease). However, there is an obligation to wear the Ffp2 mask. There will be no obligation from May 1st

Trains and planes
Basic green bass
Is necessary

To board the plane, train, ship, taxi and rental car with the driver from April 1 to 30, you must show a minimum basic green pass (obtained by a 48-hour or molecular valid antigen test valid for 72 hours). It is essential to wear an Ffp2 mask during these transportation routes. There will be no obligation from May 1st.

Close contacts
No loneliness, yes

Those who have been vaccinated, entered, and had “close contact” with someone who was infected (even if they lived together) did not need to be alone. But he must adhere to a self-monitoring rule, namely: the obligation to wear the Ffp2 mask indoors or in the presence of meetings, until the tenth day following the date of the last close contact. If symptoms occur, you should clear up.

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That school
Will be at home
Positives only

Positive students should be in solitary confinement until they recover and their father may be induced. They can return to class without a medical certificate, but with a negative result from the swap. All other students, from April 1, will be able to attend school regularly. At the first sign, a test should be repeated 5 days later. People over the age of 6 should still wear the mask, but surgery will suffice.

Convenience stores
Click the Gateway
Without restrictions

No Green Pass is required to enter stores and shopping centers from April 1st, even a basic pass. But clients have to wear a mask (even surgery is enough). This rule also applies to hairdressers, barbers, beauty salons, public offices, banks and post offices. From May 1, the mandatory use of the mask at home will also decrease.

Movie Theaters and Theaters
Until May 1st
You need a super bass

Until April 30, to see a movie in the theater or to see a show in the theater or attend a concert, you will need a more reinforced Green Boss and Ffp2 mask. From May 1, tattoo certification will no longer be required and the requirement to wear an Ffp2 mask will be reduced. The same goes for indoor activities at community, cultural and leisure centers and nightclubs.

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