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Green Pass Effect in Lombardy: With the introduction of duty for workers, demand for vaccines will double in a single day

Green Pass Effect in Lombardy: With the introduction of duty for workers, demand for vaccines will double in a single day

6 thousand to almost 14 thousand. Within 24 hours. They have doubled Links In the vaccine campaign Lombardy And this is nothing more than the introduction of an upcoming duty Green Boss Numbers contacted by the regional welfare department for all government and private employees, both are not equal: September 15 6,231 reservation, On the 16th they were 13,791, and by this afternoon they were already 11,539, the data still partial and two-thirds of the day. And can only link the reason for this improvementIntroduction The mandatory nature of the green certificate, which will officially come into force Next 15 October.

Meanwhile, the situation of the new victim Covit19 Continues to promise. Against 40,119 swaps, in fact, there are 320 new positives (0.8%) Lombardy. There have been 2 deaths out of a total of 33,979 deaths since the outbreak. However, in the cirrhosis, the data included in the hospital: 427 patients in the medical area (-10 compared to yesterday) and 59 in the intensive care unit (+2 in the last 24 hours). The total number of tests performed since the onset of the epidemic was 14,342,711. The province of Lombard with the highest number of cases in the last 24 hours is Vares, i.e. 97. is in second place Milano, With 85 new infections, 35 of which have been reported in the city. This is a picture of other provinces: Prussia 44; Monza and Brianza 21; Pavia 19; Mandua 17; Cremona 14; Lodi 14; Lecco 10; Bergamo 8; Sondrio 8 and Como 6. The positive ratio is still declining: it is at 0.8%. Three months after the region entered the White Zone, it was confirmed today Tracking Weekly Ministry of Health and Foreign Affairs. Area LombardyAmong other things, the population ratio per 100 thousand is 35, so it is below the 50 mark, while the number of beds in the medical area is 7% (below the 15th threshold) and the intensity of treatment at 4% (below the 10th threshold). “I firmly believe that the Lombard citizens are responsible for all of this and they were able to respond with great responsibility and civic spirit. International spread It sank us first in Europe – commented the regional leader, Attilio Fontana – This has been demonstrated by the great adherence and virtuous conduct of the vaccine campaign.

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For VaccinesAfter all, “87% of Lombards have joined the vaccination campaign, 81% have already completed the vaccination and since Monday 20 September we are ready to start with the third dose dedicated to the protection of the most vulnerable and vulnerable.” Govt, Avoid closing and tackle the economic recovery Lombardy In many areas it is running faster than expected.