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Green Pass, August 17 million without certification for Italians

Green Pass, August 17 million without certification for Italians

Soon in Italy too Green Boss This is not just for traveling and accessing private parties or the RSA. In fact, the net of controversy, The Government Seems willing to consider imposing the wider use of the document. So recovery from the vaccine certification document, very soon Govt Attending major events, using public transportation, or sitting in theaters and theaters may require a negative SarsCov2 test. But yesterday, the health minister explained Roberto Speranza Answering in the classroom during question time, i Green Boss Issued “only” “28 million and 400 thousand”. Certainly a “significant number” as the minister added, but still not enough to cover the summer of many Italians. And not just vaccinated Dodgers.

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Green Pass, Obstacles

The data on hand is, in fact, that August 1st (as in France) is considered a useful date to take effect, with more or less one in 3 Italians not yet getting a green pass, so ask for clothes whenever a business needs access. On the one hand, as a barrier (which can be violated by freeing the trial), on the one hand, it has the potential to speed up the administration by convincing, for example, that 2.5 million over the age of 60 have not yet been vaccinated to go to the centers, and on the other hand there is a risk of penalizing the younger. According to them, the vaccination campaign – which began with the need to protect vulnerable and some professional species and then sent to an age criterion – began only in June. The twenty-year-old Italian had no specific symptoms and did not work in the health sector, law enforcement or school, and therefore could not get his measurements for a very short period of time. Situation photographed by admin data. Against the 25 million vaccinated population (first- and second-degree recipients) that reached yesterday, only 1.2 million twenty-year-olds today have completed the vaccination cycle. In fact, of those aged 20-29 (of which about 6 million are Italians) only about 48% (2.9 million) are immunized, while only 20% complete the cycle. That is, in 14 days, the time required to get the pass, only more than 1 million young people will qualify.

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More clear talk by comparing the two peaks of the personal data groups used to represent the campaign. While 90s of people over the age of 80 are now protected in 90% of cases (at least 4.5 million citizens received the first dose of 4.1 million), of similar audiences (4.6 million interested), 24% (1.1 million young people) received the first dose, and the second 7% (330 thousand) ) Only received. Definitely an unavoidable situation, but with the new rules it will become inconsistent.
Thirty-year-old boys ending up on the peninsula at 6.7 million, but received the first dose in only 49% of cases (approximately 3.3 million), and the second 24% (approximately 1.6 million). An important difference, but less paradoxical in terms of the time available to them, would be 8.7 million Italian forty-year-olds, 59% (5.2 million) and 35% (3 million) of the first and second, respectively. On the other hand, high coverage for the fifties (9.6 million): 67% (6.5 million) received at least one dose and 55% (5.4 million) both. So, today in Italy Green Pass can be cured and vaccinated by people over the age of 12 (but only 14 days after the first dose), interested parties are about 36 million citizens. That is, 67.6% of Italians. Thus, of the 53 million “vaccinated” viewers, approximately 17 million – exactly one in 3 – will not be entitled to pass.

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In addition to expanding the use of the certificate, it is clear that we have sent even more stringent rules for obtaining it (hence, not the first day, but 14 days from the second dose, in most cases in Europe) if fines are still more than a third. Significant numbers to take into account. It is also true that many of the 780 thousand Italians rescued from Kovit, who received the first dose of the vaccine, have not yet received the pass. The reason? Local health officials and general practitioners, who have been issuing recovery certificates in recent months, are now slow to insert it into databases.

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