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Green light from Brussels to PNRR for Italy and 11 other EU countries - Europe

Green light from Brussels to PNRR for Italy and 11 other EU countries – Europe

The Ministers of Economy and Finance of the 27 member states gave the green light to the national programs of measurement to 12 countries. In addition to Italy, approval came from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Latvia, Luxembourg, Portugal, Slovakia and Spain.

“All 12 Member States have requested pre-financing from the funds allocated to them. The decisions taken by the Council today constitute the last stage before countries can conclude grant agreements and loan agreements with the Commission and begin receiving funds to implement relevant national plans,” the ministers write in the statement. concluding.

For the current head of Ecofin, Slovenian Minister Andrej Cerseli, today’s decisions “represent an important step forward in the European economic recovery”, as they “will allow member states to use the funds not only to get out of the Covid-19 crisis., but also to create a resilient and greener Europe. digital, innovative and competitive for future generations in the European Union.”

“It’s an important day, we have 12 Pnrr that must be approved and it is the real start of the recovery plan and the next generation of the EU. In the coming weeks the pre-funding will reach 12 Pnrr and I think it is important that the final approval arrives exactly when the recovery is underway, because it will boost confidence In the markets, in countries and will allow the start of investments and reforms ”: said Commissioner for Economy Paolo Gentiloni on joining Ecofin. “We are all committed to making it work, but what will happen in the coming months, years, is the crucial part of this extraordinary and unprecedented programme,” he added.

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