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Green lane with 'do-it-yourself' platforms, Austria changes the rules

Green lane with ‘do-it-yourself’ platforms, Austria changes the rules

A swab with your hands with a negative result in Austria will be enough to get the green lane and thus access to workplaces and shops. The government announced today as concerns grow that laboratories will be inundated with the large number of swabs to be treated, which is set to grow even more as the omicron variant spreads.

The news of the use of a self-test – faster but less reliable than “traditional” swabs – comes on the heels of the announcement by Chancellor Karl Nahamer, according to which about 30,000 new cases were registered in the past 24 hours, 80% more than the number of infections reported per day. Previous.

As part of the measures taken to curb the virus, Austrian authorities have encouraged – and in the case of unvaccinated people – forced people to take a PCR test to do activities like shopping and working and making sure they haven’t contracted it. pcr virus. But with cases increasing, state laboratories are unable to process all the required swabs in a tight time frame. Hence the decision to use self-tests as a guide.

“The numbers of infections that we have now put a strain on the PCR testing system,” the chancellor said after a cabinet meeting. Aside from the Vienna region, in fact, the whole of Austria has experienced significant delays in processing tests in recent times.

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