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Green Boss, Caravaggia: "It's a matter of weeks"

Green Boss, Caravaggia: “It’s a matter of weeks”

“S.Ul Green Boss is a matter of weeks, The deadline is July 1, but for me we have to leave tomorrow. ” , Roll quietly. Refinements are being discussed, but we are close now, ”the minister said.

According to Caravaggia, “The110% Super Bonus Extension for Hotel Facilities, Because there is a need to improve accommodation. “Equally fundamental is movement intervention.” It is necessary to improve it between villages, but not only. There is no regulation for seaplanes, while at sea we have decided to tax boats and support the competition of other countries, “said Caravaglia.

“We will return to travel and the tour is ready to resume,” Caravaglia added. No seasonal workersTherefore, Caracavilia proposed “extension of the tourist season, integrated tickets and new types of movement”. “It is not mandatory to go on vacation only in the summer months, the coastal season lasting until November is not a coincidence. To achieve all this, Caracavilia said, “However, we have to manage a lot of data, and the digitalization process will be important.”

According to the Minister, the effective distribution of tourism is to open up the reality of many villages where the movement takes on an importance. “It simply came to our notice then Upgrade historic trains I’m also thinking about the new company that started the courier model these days, which opens up opportunities especially for young people who do not have enormous financial resources, ”said Caravaglia.

Answering the question about the possibility of doing Second dose of vaccine in another region During the summer holidays. “If this becomes the rule, the confusion is caravaglia” We can open up this possibility, but with common sense. .

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“2.4 billion from the NRP, 5 billion to the foreign exchange effect, has been earmarked for the tourism sector, with a more positive impact on youth, women and the South,” he added. “Promoting tourism is really helping these categories. Looking at the data, young people and women are the most employed subjects in this field, while at the same time allowing for tremendous improvement in the climate and environment in the southern regions. Prolonging the tourist seasons,” the minister concluded.