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Graziano Finazzoni returns to high school “I’m back to discover new physics”


A meeting with the physicist Finanzoni

It was a special Saturday when boys and girls from the fourth and fifth fifties spent in the Galilee in Macerata. A former high school student gave a lecture entitled “The g-2 of the Muon: An Inquiry Toward New Physics?” This former high school student is Graziano Venanzoni, a researcher at the National Institute of Nuclear Physics in Pisa, spokesperson for the Muong-2 experiment measuring the magnetic moment of a muon (April 2021).

Professor Finanzoni met, after a little excitement at being in places where he had enrolled in high school, with the presence of some fourth graders in the multimedia room and all the fourth and fifth graders regarding cross-Meet. The school principal, Roberta Ciampicini, first thanked Professor and Professor Doriana Fabiani, former professor of mathematics and physics in Galilee, guest of the conference; The floor was then left to Professor Finanzoni who explained his experience to the pupils, confident that he had always had a great passion for physics but that constant study and commitment were essential. He said he was very satisfied with his work and encouraged them to follow what they love without being discouraged by difficulties. Finally he explained in simple terms his research activity at Fermilab in Chicago regarding the measurement of the moment of an elementary particle called muon.

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The story of so many physicists around the world participating in the experiment was exciting and exciting to their satisfaction at the moment when an “abnormal” result was confirmed after years of preparation, data collection and reprocessing. Quoting in the words of the physicist Enrico Fermi: “There are only two possible conclusions: if the result confirms the hypotheses, then you have just made a measurement. If the result contradicts the hypothesis, this means that you have made a discovery.” From this anomaly opens the possibility of writing a new chapter In Physics and Professor Venanzoni took a leave of absence from the students and hoped some of them could help write a few pages of this new semester.

Macerata Venanzoni: “Through studies conducted on muons, a glimmer of new physics opens.”

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