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Gran Turismo 7, a possible postponement?  Sony has postponed a press event, an insider says -

Gran Turismo 7, a possible postponement? Sony has postponed a press event, an insider says –

Grand Touring 7 Must be the protagonist press event Which was scheduled for tomorrow January 25 2022, but that’s it Canceled late A date to be determined, journalist/insider Tom Henderson reports, casting potential shadows with the game potentially facing referral.

Obviously these are just assumptions starting from what’s left, for now, just a rumor, but Tom Henderson It is considered a fairly reliable source of information, which is why it is taken into account.

Anyway, even if it was a move for this press event with the presentation, it’s certainly not related to the actual postponement of Gran Turismo 7, only that the event will definitely be a bit suspectConsidering that the game’s release is currently set for March 4th, so a relatively short distance from now.

“The Gran Turismo 7 press event, which was scheduled to take place tomorrow, has been postponed by Sony and no new date has been set or an explanation given,” Henderson’s initial tweet read. “It’s a bit worrying when you think the match will be on March 4th.”

In a second tweet, Henderson clarified that a similar situation had previously occurred with The Last of Us 2, which had previously been postponed for the match, but it’s clearly difficult to connect things. However, he also stated that if the move was due to Covid, for example, it would not explain the lack of information about it.

Only in recent days has the download of the seemingly massive weight of Gran Turismo 7, which appears to exceed 100 GB, as well as the gameplay video have appeared on Daytona International Speedway.

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