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Govt Melons It’s done. Chairman of FdI Accepts duties assigned by the President Sergio gives Mattarella and the list of ministers: there are 24, of which 6 are women, with two companion premieres. The swearing-in will take place tomorrow at 10 a.m. at the Quirinale, after which the executive will be fully operational. “This time the time was short, not even a month had passed since the election date, and this was possible due to the clarity of the election results,” declares the head of state.

Matteo Salvini and Antonio Tajani will be Deputy and Infrastructure Ministers and Head of Foreign Affairs, Carlo Nordio will lead Justice, Giancarlo Giorgetti will lead the Economy Ministry, Matteo Piandedosi will be in Viminal, and Guido Crocetto will be in Defense. Deputy Secretary to Prime Minister Alfredo Mantovano. The names of many ministries change: for example, economic development agencies are created in Italy, agricultural policies, agriculture and food sovereignty, and the Ministry of Education and Qualifications is born.

In a white cinquecento, Meloni goes to Koli at 4.30 pm. The conversation between the President and the incoming Prime Minister will last for about an hour, which will also enable the new administration to review its team. After reading the list of new ministers, the leader of the FdI leaves the Quirinal and goes to Monticitorio to meet with Lorenzo Fontana. A passage to the Senate is also expected where Ignacio La Russa, president of the Palazzo Madama, will welcome him.

“I address this with a spirit of cooperation and good work to the new government that will begin its duties with the oath of office tomorrow morning,” Mattarella said. Mario Draghi “has fulfilled the need of leadership of the country, finishing his activity with the Council of Europe, I thank him once again”. “Thank you for carefully following the tasks of forming a new government – Mattarella – this time the time was short, not even a month passed from the date of the election, which was possible. Clarity of the election results “.

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And the traditional handover ceremony between outgoing President Mario Draghi and Head of the Council of Ministers Giorgia Meloni will take place on Sunday, October 23, at 10.30 a.m. at the Palazzo Sigi. At the end of the ceremony, at 12.00, the first meeting of the Council of Ministers will be held.

“You know it’s very interesting? You know, I started doing politics the day after the assassination of Via d’Amelio. It closes a circle. Now I go up this ladder, there are pictures of Paolo Porcellino” , while leaving the Montessitorio, of the ANSA exhibition displayed in the Palazzo Meloni, who saw the photographs “A testa alta”, portrayed the anti-mafia magistrate and Giovanni Falcone and General Dalla Chiesa.

Here is the list of ministers:

Ministries with Portfolio:

Foreign Affairs: Antonio Tajani will also be Deputy Prime Minister

Interior: Matteo Piantedosi

Justice: Carlo Nordio

Defense: Guido Croceto

Economy: Giancarlo Giorgetti

Companies and Made in Italy: Adolfo Urso

Agriculture and Food Sovereignty Francesco Lolloprigida

Environmental and Energy Conservation: Gilberto Pichetto Frattin

Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility: Matteo Salvini, who is also Deputy Prime Minister

Labor and Social Policies: Marina Calderon

Education and Qualification: Giuseppe Valditara

University and Research: Anna Maria Bernini

Culture: Gennaro Sangiugliano

Health: Horacio Schillaci

Tourism: Daniela Santange

Non-Portfolio Ministries:

Relations with Parliament: Luca Siriani

General Administration: Paolo Sangrillo

Regional Affairs and Autonomy: Roberto Calderoli

South and Sea: Sebastiano Musumesi

Sport and Youth: Andrea Abodi

Family, Christmas and Equal Opportunities: Eugenia Rosella

Disability: Alessandra Locatelli

Reforms: Elisabetta Casellati

European Affairs, Regional Integration and PNRR: Rafael Fito

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In the first government led by a woman, certain norms were “staged” for the first time in the religions of various ministers. Traditional Mize will also be the Ministry of “Businesses and Made in Italy”. The Ministry of Agricultural Policy calls it “Food Sovereignty” and Education “Merit”. The Ministry of Environment Change and Environment will also be in “Energy Conservation”. The Ministry of European Affairs also known as “Regional Integration and PNRR Policies”, then the Ministry of the South also known as Oceans, and finally Family and Equal Opportunities also known as “Birth Rate”. .

“Unified, fast and efficient: as promised, the center-right government that millions of Italians want is born. The women and men elected by the League will directly deal with construction sites and work, the economy, schools, security, autonomy and the disabled. . Tomorrow it will be the oath, then in office All for Italy and Italians,” the league secretary writes on Facebook. Matteo Salvini.

After listening to #GovernorMeloni’s list, names and denominations, I still firmly say #Oppose, Oppose, Oppose,” the Democratic secretary of state writes on Twitter. Enrico Letta -. The only innovation is a primal woman, a historical fact for our country, to be recognized objectively”.