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Government, Letta-Draghi meeting: "Pd support"

Government, Letta-Draghi meeting: “Pd support”

A point about the “difficult political phase” was conveyed today in the meeting between Prime Minister Mario Draghi and Secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta at the Palazzo Sigi. According to Nazarene’s sources, Letta reaffirmed the maximum commitment of the Democratic Party in supporting the President’s position and government action. Agenda.

For the Democratic Party, losing the opportunity to rewrite public policies against poor work and insecurity today would be a paradox that citizens cannot fathom. Tomorrow, as Nazarene explained, Letta will address this to the parliamentary committees convened in the Sala della Regina with a speech based on responsibility and the gravity of the moment.

“We prove in these hours that we are intense, careful, and are aware of the danger.” This, they say to the Nazarenes, means “country first” for us: to live up to the critical moment we are experiencing, to put all the country’s needs first, starting with the weakest and most vulnerable.

“Bearer of good news? It might be sweet … No, we talked about the situation, but he didn’t give me good or bad news,” Prime Minister Draghi told a press conference. The PD secretary brought him a good news about the M5S approach on the aid Thursday with Leta.

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