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Google launches Chrome OS 97 with a new audio player and more

google browser began releasing Chrome OS 97 because I am Chromebook, with various news related to the gallery app and much more. This only happens two days after the release of the Android version (Here is our article), iOS and desktop, and with the move to the cycle of updates every 4 weeks, everything is now in sync.

Chrome OS 97 integrates the launcher into the Gallery app and other new features

The first thing that changes drastically is playing music, podcasts, or other audio files through the Files app. The latter has always, once launched, opened a small window, while with Chrome OS 97 this functionality will be managed within the Gallery app.

As you can see from the screenshots above, The interface is now full screen and has a tail “Now play” Which can be hidden on the left. The launcher has also been improved and now allows you to do so Rewind or skip forward for 10 seconds and increase the playback speed. It is also The wash is much larger and has better spacing.

Another change regarding the exhibition is the possibility Open multiple files at the same timeUnlike before, it was only possible to open one image at a time. Additionally, more options for viewing, zooming and editing have been added.

also updated full screen magnifier hard to reach, So that the screen can move continuously with the mouse. This function joins the default setting where the window moves only when the pointer touches the edge of the screen.

Even on the desktop, the autofill dropdown has changed and brings a welcome change. Now, when we go to compile something, The list will not cover the front of most text fields anymoreBut it will move to the right to leave the view unobstructed. However This function has not yet been implemented.

Have you already updated your Chromebook? What do you think about this news? Please let us know using the comment box.

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