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"Gone...": a serious blacksmith at the cinema, and the sudden announcement of a thunderbolt from the sky

“Gone…”: a serious blacksmith at the cinema, and the sudden announcement of a thunderbolt from the sky

This is a very difficult period for the world of cinema, which is once again facing a terrible mourning. This time he is the one who abandoned everyone, a face known to many and appreciated by the whole world.

Cinema is still recovering from heavy losses Who is affected by this at this time? section especially. This time it was the role of the actor who became loved and appreciated by many V-Visitors TV series. On this occasion he had the opportunity to play the role of a villain even though in real life everyone described him as someone with a heart of gold. to me 86 years Taking his last breath in the city Paris.

Burning candles web source

Based on what the Hollywood Report website claims and as reported by itself, it appears that the man left this world for him natural causes. He was in France with his wife to spend some relaxing days. The woman who shared the last moments of her life is the same Heather Lowe. The man in question, in addition to his participation in TV series science fiction, in Big Screen And also to take on various types of roles. In fact, we remember him as the primary face of Western cinema while for others, his face is associated with the fleet of directors, Captain Stephen.

Another tragedy in the world of cinema

Many have now understood that we are talking about him, about Andrew Brin. During his career, he managed to build a biography worthy of envy. take a turn Helen Keeler’s brother Produced by Anna de Miracoli. He also played the role of a man stalking a serial killer nor the city that was afraid while the Confederate general was inside Gettysburg movie.

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Andrew Brin web source

We have also seen him appear in many TV series including Virginian, Bonanza, caravans to the west and Texas across the river. Obviously, it is impossible to forget his performance in the TV series The Fugitive and in the final season of Doctor Kildare.

But most of his fans remember him as the man he participated in Western type Over 180 episodes ago she saw him wearing those clothes. There are many messages dedicated to him Remember that for the last time.