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Gomez Selingo dreams big

Gomez Selingo dreams big

When did you start playing the swap?

“In La Plata at the age of two, my city.”

What do you like about this sport?

“The family atmosphere and the sociability it generates.”

At what age did you become a professional?

“At the age of 15 I played my first tournament and from that moment I combined professional competitions with junior competitions.”

The unforgettable match?

“The 2008 Valladolid final that I won with Maxi Grapel against Juan Martin Díaz and Fernando Bellastijn. It was my first championship on the professional circuit in Spain.”

Of all your buddies, who do you like the most?

“Without a doubt, Gabe Rika with all her amazing forehand shots and total control of the ball.”

What if you had to train a couple of men and women?

“I’d like de Nino and a stupa, while for the ladies Ortega and Gonzalez.”

Do you have any regrets about your career?

“More than regret, I would say suffering; my wife’s illness in 2012 affected me a lot from a psychological point of view.”

Predictions for this season?

“Keep competing and shaping the project I own with my new partner, trying to reach more ambitious goals next season.”

Pros and Cons?

“I think my greatest virtue is commitment, while my worst flaw is being more competitive.”

Favorite shot and where to get better?

“My favorite shot is the backhand kick; instead, I have to keep improving my vitality and forward volley.”

Which racket do you play with?

“I play with the Volt 1000 and think I built it with the company. The features I appreciate the most are the diamond shape, sandblasting on the board, and the high-density Eva rubber, which makes the paddle stiffer.”

What do you do in your spare time and hobbies?

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“Being with my family and having a passion for cars.”

What do you think of Padel in Italy and the world?

“Italian padel has seen tremendous growth in the last couple of years and this can also be seen in the improvement of your players. Globally, the explosion has been all-out and is also being played in countries you would never have imagined.”


“Open one of the best padel academies in the world with my friend and coach Juan Manuel Rodriguez”