Monday, July 22, 2024

Golf News – The Solheim Cup: When Winning Isn’t Enough.


In these UK hours, awarded – by a jury of experts – the 2021 BBC Sport Personality Awards for Gareth Southgate As the best coach and the England national team as the best team, instead of the 2021 Solheim Cup winner and captain Catriona Mathieu.

I read one of the reasons for the award: the only defeat for our Italian team – it’s no joke.

The controversy began with Martin Dempster, a well-known sports journalist for The Scotsman, expressing his absolute opposition to this tweet: “Absolute nonsense! (Originally ‘Utter bollocks’) The English football team that had never won anything defeated the Solheim Cup Europe that had won the The United States for the second time in a row! It’s a hoax!’

In the discussion that followed and still continues, there are many reasons readers identified: from Brexit, from Scottish separatism (Scottish Catriona Matthew), from the fact that the BBC broadcasts the European Cup and not golf, and of course discrimination based on gender.

On the one hand, if giving the award to the English team makes me smile, thinking that this is the only trophy they can win, on the other hand, it pisses me off, because winning is not always enough for women.

Several steps forward have been taken recently to promote and give the right value to women’s golf, not the least of which has been televised, but there is still a long way to go.

Next year, this is what I want: I’d like to play golf with more women, with more interest in women, on all levels. You no longer hear “But you start red.”

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Happy and peaceful birthday to all and…Long live golf!


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