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Going to the beach is more beautiful in these times: the right advice


With the return of summer, many are preparing to go to the seaside. However, to have a truly enjoyable beach experience, it is best to go to the beach only at certain times: read on to discover expert tips.

Best times to go to the beach: this way you can enjoy it more (

Many cannot wait for the summer season to return to go to the seaside again. Extreme heat from June to August (and now through September as well) It prompts more and more people to seek rest on the beachYou may also enjoy the refreshment guaranteed by a nice swim in the sea. Obviously, not everyone’s preferences are the same: some prefer to sunbathe, others like to walk along the beach, others go swimming or read a book. Moreover, there are those who like to spend the whole day at the seaside and those who are satisfied with only a few hours.

Best times to go to the beach: all the tips

But what are the best times to go to the beach? What time of day is it best to go to the beach?Taking into account some far from trivial aspects such as health and well-being? Experts answer these questions carefully, highlighting the ideal times to best enjoy the beauty of the coast.

The late afternoon sea colors are wonderful (

Many people realize that the best hours to enjoy the sea are undoubtedly the early hours of the morning. It’s a step that has also been shown to be particularly beneficial for our health. This is because in the early morning there are much fewer people on the beachso you have the opportunity to enjoy the landscape to the fullest and live the experience more relaxed.

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Moreover, in the early hours of the morning, the air is definitely cooler and you can walk (or even go for a run along the beach) without panting from the heat. Finally, these are the times that… The sun is not strong yet: Less risk of burns.

It is best to avoid late morning and lunchtime

If for one reason or another you cannot go to the beach early in the morning, you can make up for it by going to the beach in the late afternoon. Even at these times, you can enjoy a lower temperature than during “peak” times. In addition to, The sunset light allows you to enjoy the wonderful colors Which makes for a truly wonderful landscape.

Experts advise against going to the beach in the middle of the day or at lunchtime, since the sun can be very strong and the beaches are particularly crowded. However, going to the beach after 10 am can be an unpleasant experienceAfter that hour, the temperature rises rapidly and the increased intensity of UV rays increases the risk of sunburn and skin damage.


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