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“Give us 20,000 euros.” The last generation asks Italians for money to deface monuments

“Give us 20,000 euros.” The last generation asks Italians for money to deface monuments

The US Fund has closed the financing taps for Last generationwhich is now threatened with extinction. The Climate Emergency Fund has decided to stop funding the Italian organization, and European organizations are also at risk, preferring to transfer its funds to American and Canadian organizations, focusing mainly on scholarships and support for training institutions. Investing in research and studies rather than acts of disobedience: There is a rationale behind this decision by the American fund, which may consider what the Italian organization has done in recent years to be useless. But the last generation wants to continue to exist, to set up roadblocks, to disfigure monuments, and therefore now wants it to remain that way. Italians to finance them To continue to create inconvenience for them.

Actions range from defacing artwork and institutional spaces with washable paint, to roadblocks and disruption of events. Raise the pressure The government must deal more effectively with the environment, which is at risk.He said toAdnecronus Ricardo Mercati56, spokesman for Ultima Generazione. Mercati, a real estate entrepreneur, insists that talk of “washable paint” is wrong, raising doubts about his company, as this type of paint is waterproof and has caused serious damage to the monument affected by vandalism. An example? The Arco della Pace hotel in Milan, which was sprayed with paint in November and its marble is still stained orange. Milanese residents will pay for the cleaning, if possible, from their taxes.

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In two days we have collected almost 4 thousand euros but our goal is to reach this number 20 thousand by the end of July To cover living expenses: travel, accommodation and food for our activists, and above all, legal expenses because lawyers, despite our solidarity with the movement, we have to pay them.“Mercatti continues, admitting, in the absence of money:We will have to. Reduce and resize Our actions are civil disobedience. It is up to the Italians to help us, if they care about the environment they can help us move forward, otherwise it will be difficult“. Mercati asks the Italians to contribute to defacing the monuments at the roadblocks, otherwise they will no longer be there.

So he asks the Italians to do it. tax yourself To do illegal acts, it became accomplices Of the troublemakers. It is not surprising that the group has failed so far, and it cannot be ruled out that sooner or later they will find someone who accepts their declaration.