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Giulia De Lellis, Nothing But Giano: “I’ll be back with Andrea Damante”


Julia de Lellis He made some statements about his ex-girlfriend ANedria Damanti. In fact, during one of the interviews, they asked her who she would get back together with if she was forced, and her ex Jevina answered as DJ.

Giulia De Lellis and the revelation of Andrea Damante (after Giano del Bufalo)

After being with Carlo Beretta After putting behind her the relationship that brought together Giulia De Lellis with Giano del Bufalo, the brother of the most famous actress Diana del Bufalo. But this latest relationship seems to have faltered despite there being no confirmation or denial. At the end of her relationship with the scion of the family that owns the famous arms company, the broadcaster was seen in a club with Andrea Damanti. But it was later discovered that their relationship was just friendship.

Shortly before Julia de Lellis He participated in an interview on a podcast called Roulette talk Among the various questions he answered was one that read: “If you had to choose to go back to your ex, who would it be and why?” Before giving the long awaited answer By Lillis She wanted to stress the fact that she would not get back with her ex-husband unless they forced her. His response was:Of course, because the game demands it… I guess because I’m indecisive between two names, one of which is a little more sensitive. There’s a little situation like this, I can’t…”. The former Jevina announced, creating some anticipation among her fans and then added: “Let’s make a lot of people happy and do this ‘Damilis Return’. We’ve known each other all our lives now, and we’re trying and trying again. I already know what it’s like to be with him. Every time we have fun and rediscover ourselves.” […] “They’re joking, they should have asked me.”

The story between Giulia De Lellis and Andrea Damante

In 2016 Andrea Damanti It was tronista men and women H Julia She came to the dating show to woo him. An understanding was reached between them, even if the engagement was not easy at first. Their breakup also left fans terrified after the statements made by the influencer. Julia In fact, on social media he did not hesitate to say “Maybe Damante will see me again in the year that never happensHowever, despite everything, as soon as their spirits calmed down, the couple tried again, falling into passionate kisses first in 2018 and then, after the story with Irama, in 2019. After that, they spent the lockdown period in the same house. But also, with the end, their story may have come to an end once and for all.

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