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Giucas Casella can’t stand it anymore, these are very dangerous hints [VIDEO]

House “magician” GF Vip Giucas Casella loses his temper: some situations are unbearable for a showman.

Giucas Casella (youtube source)

“Grandfather” of the GF Vip’s house, Geocas Casilla, one of the pillars of this latest version of GF Vip, and is featured on the reality show from the very first episodes. loved by all of Italy, Giucas plays a lot in age-related diseases such as amnesia and deafness, but many viewers consider it a skilled strategist. Its small curtains with connector Alfonso Signorini They are the only ones relaxing moments From prime time, the national magician Calmly sail to the final.

Despite the usual self-confidence, in the last few minutes Giucas lost control Towards an adventure companion: Who is this?

“Call a pissicologist!”: Giocas Casella shouts in finalist David Silvestri’s speech

Geocas Casilla
Giucas Casella (youtube source)

Last Peak Time for GF Vip David Silvestri has been very satisfied: The young actor didn’t just fight on TV Mirjana Trevisanbut also finished the final by disqualifying the historic Soleil rise. after being nominated third final from the program, David He said he wanted to spend the last few days in complete serenity. The goal, for the actor, is Fully enjoy the remaining time, having fun and providing continuous activities. However, his confused behavior got on my nerves from the magician Jukaswho complained to his partner barrow.

In the early hours of this morning the viewer said:Let’s call a pissicologist, a psychologist … Perhaps a pissychist would be better, because what can a psychologist do?“. barrow Agreed upon:It should be locked in a room! Then he woke me up…Both giffini hardly tolerate bursts of energy For the young actor, the joke about possible countermeasures to stop it: there it is Video From the exchange between the two:

DavidIn fact, he has just returned from a period of difficult battles with the princess Lulu Selassieand the Tension for the final It only exacerbates the tension in the Cinecittà house. The remaining Vippos will succeed in Maintain the necessary clarity In light of March 14?

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