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Giorni della Merla, will the tradition be respected this year? We reveal the latest news »


Weather: Giorni della Merla, will traditions be respected this year? We bring you the latest news

Blackbeard daysTradition that Jan 29-30-31or the last three days of the first month of the year, are remembered as “Blackbeard days‘, to refer to a file Cold times of the year. This year at that time there may be Important news on the weather front: Russian frosts It could actually refer to the heart of Europe with Direct influences also in Italy.

We still have several days to go, but the big hemisphere-wide maneuvers have already begun and could lay the foundations for the end of January, only in conjunction with Blackbird days, quite interesting. All because of a certain formation at the synoptic level: the so-called Wyckoff Bridge. In practice, it arises when the Azores high pressure extends from the Atlantic Ocean into the British Isles and then the Scandinavian Peninsula, partly merging with the Russian-Siberian high pressure. On the other hand, the glacial flow moves from east to west like a real “river of air” along the eastern edge of the high pressure bridge towards the heart of Europe, where it penetrates the icy winds from the northeast that brought thermal breakdown and local events in blizzards (Snow storms) as can be seen from the map below which shows the forecast for the end of January.The frigid flow of arctic continental air towards ItalyThe frigid flow of arctic continental air towards ItalyAt the moment, due to the still rather large time gap, it is only a possibility and should be viewed as such, but having said that, it must be said that This seems to be the most reliable direction.
This cold flow will then end its flow in the Mediterranean Basin. So a file can be formed here tornado, powered by unsteady currents. The possibility of heavy rain even with snow falling to very low elevations should be evaluated later. We will talk about this in the next updates.

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We conclude with: Merla days, if it is cold, then spring will be beautiful, and if it is warm, then spring will come late….
Will it really be like this?


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