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Giorgio Armani, the king of fashion, turns 90 (years, in many memorable photos)


Unforgettable fashion shows, ready-to-wear, haute couture, eyewear, leather goods, perfumes, homeware, flowers and pastries, children’s clothing, and even giving their names to restaurants and luxury hotels in the heart of Milan, Dubai and at Armani Silos. He even produces wine in his own villa in Pantelleria, his favorite destination. Still, Women’s jacket, It’s gray, Halfway between grey and sand, but above all Blue, His favorite color was also combined with black in less traditional color experiments, the use of black and white, streamlined simplicity, and the influence of Eastern and Arab cultures.

Giorgio Armani Spring Summer 1991. Photo by Getty

Penske Media/Getty Images

And then Double thread relationship with the world of cinema It began in 1978 when Diane Keaton won an Oscar for her film Me and Annie The Armani figurine is dressed in clothes, which continues with the clothes he created for. American Gigolo In 1980.

Diane Keaton at the 1978 Oscars in Armani. Getty Image.

Diane Keaton at the 1978 Oscars in Armani. Getty Image.

ABC/Getty Images Photo Archive

The rest is history and a million words won’t be enough to celebrate the most discreet and brilliant Italian designer ever. Or maybe three will suffice: Giorgio Armani rules. He still holds the scepter of fashion king firmly in his hands.

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Giorgio Armani, a long love story with cinema

from “American Gigolo Suit” until tailor Jodie Foster among the stars. We celebrate the enormous contribution to the seventh art of Giorgio Armani, who has put his signature on the costumes of more than 200 films. They have also become (also) timeless classics thanks to him.


Giorgio Armani American Gigolo

Giorgio Armani turns 90 In 90 photos, in the gallery below, we’ve tried to celebrate his amazing life between fashion shows, events and a whirl of bright stars that look like asteroids around the sun near him.. Sun King Made in Italy.

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